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Paraglider Track is live guest
was at Wexford - IE [~16.1 km]
on 23-11-2014 16:43:30 UTC+020 mins 05 secs ago
Alt:52 m, Speed:0 km/h, Duration:00:37:04
Distance from takeoff 22.1 km, [Max] 22.1 km

Takeoff: Loch Garman - IE ~15.7km
at 23-11-2014 16:06:26 UTC+0
Distance from takeoff 22.1 km
[Max] 22.1 km [Max] 22.1 km
Paraglider Track is live m.flandina
was at Pedicino - IT [~10.1 km]
on 23-11-2014 15:34:55 UTC+088 mins 40 secs ago
Alt:210 m, Speed:252 km/h, Duration:00:32:09
Distance from takeoff 16.8 km, [Max] 16.8 km

Takeoff: San Donato Valc... - IT ~1.0km
at 23-11-2014 15:02:46 UTC+1
Distance from takeoff 16.8 km
[Max] 16.8 km [Max] 16.8 km