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Mobile clients :: GpsTrackLive: Client for java phones


  1. Compatible Mobile phones
  2. Compatible Bluetooth GPS
  3. Buying a new/used mobile/GPS
  4. How much does it cost ?
  6. Installation for Windows Mobile
  7. Installation tips for Siemens SXG75
  8. Some Tips
  9. Live tracking !
  10. FAQ


Compatible Mobile phones(Return to top)

Any phone having Java and Bluetooth/Internal GPS. More specific:

  • Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1
  • JSR82 (Bluetooth API) or JSR179 (Location API - in phones with internal GPS)

Click here to see the list of phones that have succesfully send live tracks so far

A sample list can be found below

Nokia - Sony updated 29/4/2009
Nokia 2855 2865 2865i 5200 5500 5500 5700 5700_XpressMusic 6021 6085 6086 6110 6110_Navigator 6111 6120 6120_classic 6125 6126 6131 6131_NFC 6133 6136 6151 6165 6230 6230i 6233 6234 6265 6265i 6270 6275 6275i 6275i 6280 6282 6288 6290 6300 6630 6680 6681 6682 7370 7373 7390 7710 8800 8800_Sirocco_Edition 8801 9300 9300i 9500 E50 E51 E60 E61 E61i E62 E65 E70 E71 E90 E90_Communicator N3250 N70 N71 N72 N73 N75 N76 N77 N80 N81 N81_8GB N82 N90 N91 N91_8GB N92 N93 N93i N95 N95_8GB Series40DP3 Series40E3 Series60E2FP2 Series60E2FP3 Series60E3
Sony Ericsson C905 D750 K320 K320i K510 K530 K600 K608 K610i K618 K630 K660 K750 K750i K770 K790 K800 K800i K810i K850 K850i M600 Mylo P1 P1i P990i S500 T650 V600 V630 V640 W300 W550 W580 W580i W600 W610i W700 W710 W710i W760 W800 W800i W810 W810i W830 W830i W850 W850i W880 W880i W900 W900i W910 W950i W960 Z520 Z525 Z530 Z550 Z550i Z710 Z750 Z770

Other Brands - updated 24/1/2008
BenQ P30 P31
Motorola A1000 A1200 A-5B E1070 MOTOROKRE6 C975 V195 V360 V3r
Samsug SGH-D347 SGH-D357 SGH-D407 SGH-D520 SGH-D800 SGH-D807 SGH-D830 SGH-D900 SGH-D900i SGH-E200 SGH-E250 SGH-E380 SGH-E388 SGH-E390 SGH-E490 SGH-E500 SGH-E780 SGH-E788 SGH-E790 SGH-E810 SGH-E898 SGH-E900 SGH-G600 SGH-J600 SGH-J700 SGH-P260-ORANGE SGH-U600 SGH-X507 SGH-X810 SGH-X820 SGH-Z720 SPH-M610

X700 701

LG CU575 LX550 LX570
Sanyo SCP-7050
Sendo X X2
Siemens CX75 C65 EF81 M75 S65 S66 S6V S75 SK65 SL75 SX1 SXG75

How can i find this information for my phone ?

Have a look at these


Compatible Bluetooth GPS (Return to top)

Any bluetooth GPS can be used

How much does it cost?(Return to top)

The transmission is done via GPRS. The price of GPRS varies between mobile companies but the table below gives an estimation taking as a reference Vodafone - Greece . The pricing of Vodafone - Greece is 0,006 Euro / Kb (which is quite expensive so the prices below maybe even lower!)

There are NO other costs

See the sample table below or Calculate GPRS traffic / Costs based on your tarrifs

Tracking Interval
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
5 sec
0,20 €
0,40 €
0,60 €
10 sec
0,10 €
0,20 €
0,30 €
20 sec
0,05 €
0,10 €
0,15 €
30 sec
0,03 €
0,06 €
0,10 €
40 sec
0,02 €
0,05 €
0,07 €
60 sec
0,01 €
0,02 €
0,20 €



You must make sure you have a working GPRS connection in youy mobile. If you have more than one internet connection and you have to chooce one typically you dont want "MMS" or "WAP" , more probably one named 'internet" or "web" will do the job.

  1. Download the latest version (1.5.68) of the program from HERE.
  2. Unzip it and use a memory card reader or the usual java installation method to put it in your mobile.
  3. When you run it for the first time before starting a new track go to "Options->Track"
    and put in your username and password that you wish to use.
    The username/password you will enter on your mobile phone can later
    be used on this site to manipulate your tracklogs.

Some Tips(Return to top)

Make sure you have a charged battery. Bluetooth and GPRS can drain battery very quickly. From some tests i made on a Nokia 6680 the battery lasted 9 hours.

Make sure you have bluetooth active before running the program.


Live Tracking (Return to top)

Finally , watch live at