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29 Apr - 02 May 2015
Paraglider Paraglider

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27/04/18 - 30/04/18 X - BERG CHALLENGE 2018
Task Distance: 121 km
27/04/18 - 30/04/18 2018 X - Berg Chalenge

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The challenge is to fly, run, cycle a preset race across a pre-selected route in the Drakensberg, where the length my differ from race to race but be longer than 180 km and finish as quickly as possible travelling only by paraglider, by foot or bicycle (either you are carrying “IT” or “ IT” is carrying you ). After starting teams will travel past pre-determined turn points defined by the Race Committee. The Athlete who reaches goal first is the winner of the race.

4 day X-Berg Challenge:

Start –  27 April 2015 (Wednesday) –  08h00 am – Oliviershoek Pass, The Windmill Farm

Registration – 28 April 2015 (Tuesday)– 19h00 pm – Oliviershoek Pass, The Windmill Farm

Briefing – 27 April 2015 (Tuesday)– 19h00 pm - Oliviershoek Pass, The Windmill Farm

Race End – 02 May 2015 (Saturday) – 18h00 pm with dinner Monks Cowl for the prize giving. Venue to be announced.

Race finish: A team is seen as having completed the race as soon as the Athlete has reached the finish.