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Mt Olympus
04 - 09 Apr 2016
Paraglider Paraglider

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APPI courses & validations for pilots & professionals

Professional courses

  • APPI Open Sky Tandem Pilot –  tandem introduction course
  • APPI Tandem Pilot
  • APPI Instructor

Pilot courses

  • validation into APPI system
  • upgrade your APPI level

About Manu Bonte

Author of the book Parapente Sauvage, The Flying Frog, Manu Bonte is internationally known for his amazing pictures and articles, sensitivity and travels around the earth. Manu Bonte is traveling around South America and other incredible places.

Manu is an APPI master instructor, responsible on APPI quality control and improvement and member of APPI Pedagogical committee.

About APPI

APPI is a pioneering International Paragliding organization bringing an evolutionary system of the highest quality to Paragliding Education. APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high level of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, partner Associations and Federations.

It offers international standard to validate not only pilots, but professional pilots in accordance with the FAI rules and regulation. APPI cards include IPPI standards, but offers further standards for professional levels.

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