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Saturday, 20. October 2012 01:28:39, by Manolis Andreadakis



Compatible Mobile phones

See Here and

List of phones that have successfully send live tracks so far

and also on Test server

List of phones that have successfully send live tracks so far

Compatible Bluetooth GPS

Any bluetooth GPS can be used , or the internal GPS of newer phones

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Calculate GPRS traffic / Costs based on your tarrifs


Usage Instructions

You must make sure you have a working GPRS connection on your mobile. If you have more than one internet connection and you have to choose one typically you dont want "MMS" or "WAP" , the one named 'internet" or "web" will do the job.


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GPS offset option

Thursday, 31. December 2009 16:07:22, by Sand Tracker


Would it be possible to integrate an adjustable "GPS altitude offset option" into the next software versions?

It seem that most of the time the GPS altitude is about 50m higher than the actual hight. If you view your flight in google maps/earth it seem as if you start in the air and land in the air....

This is just a request and suggestion.


Offset height.

Friday, 26. February 2010 18:14:35, by Roger Wolff

The mean sea level differs by a maximum of about 80m from the so called gps-geoid. The difference is about 50m here in Europe. Are you in Europe by any chance?