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Friday, 17. August 2012 15:51:59, by Manolis Andreadakis


Welcome to the Leonardo Live wiki (what is a wiki?). Please take the time to register and edit or add any section that you think is incomplete or missing. By doing so you will help others solve the problems you faced and solved.

The main sections can be found on the left menu, use them to start. If you are logged in at any time you can use the "Edit Content" link on the top of the page to edit that page.

Here is a sample Table of contents that we can fill in eventually...

  1. How does it work
  2. Compatible Mobile phones
  3. Compatible Bluetooth GPS
  4. Buying a new/used mobile/GPS
  5. How much does it cost
  6. How to join
  7. New releases of the Java Client
  8. Bug reports
  9. Features Requests
  10. Instructions on how to use the Client / Web interface.
  11. Instructions on Setting GRPS on mobile phones.

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Leo Live on Vodafone Sony Ericsson K770i

Wednesday, 23. April 2008 13:25:19, by adreas

To enable GPRS on Vodaphone, you need to ask Vodafone tech support to send you profile "VF Live! Postpay".

For Greece, set APN to "" (check the relevant setting for your country, it could be properly preset when they send you the profile but judging by the ineptitude I faced don't bet on it).

Now, !! IMPORTANT !! the settings for Java programs (Leonardo Live is a Java program) are not automatically updated (at least not on the menus of the K770i). You need to go to:

"Settings" -> "Connectivity" -> "Settings for Java" and select the proper (VF Live! Postpay) internet profile (most likely the selected profile for Java is still whatever you used before). It took me a long time and much frustration to figure that one out so do not despair.

Once all this is done, turn on the Bluetooth on your mob, turn on your bluetooth gps receiver, get outside and start a test track. Then go inside and see if it comes up on the test server ( or simply main page, find TEST SERVER and click it).

Good luck.

program terminates itself

Saturday, 14. November 2009 12:18:45, by thomas theussing

At the Moment i have Problems with the Stability of the "GPSlivetrack" Program.

The Program terminates itself after a while.

Sometimes after it runs 10min. sometimes it quits after 7 Hours.

I have tested it with Bluetooth and the internal GPS.
I also set different Parameter in the Settup(livetrack on/off etc)

I also set the log to different levels,but i don't see something what helps me to find the Problem.I uploaded the log with the internal Function.

When i set gps to simulation,it never crash.

I used the latest Version 68 and try to go back to 54.

My Mobile is Nokia 6220Classic(S60 3rd) with the latest Firmware 5.15

Idea ?