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English SMS new policy

Monday, 10. August 2009 15:56:24, by Manolis Andreadakis


Up until now we offered newly registered users 5 SMS credits to test the 'Alerts' system, with the option to top up this with another 20 SMS credits if they went through the "validate my phone number" process.

Since our funds are limited and the our total SMS credits are running low, we have changed the SMS policy as follows:

The newly registered user still gets 5 SMS credits but now get an additional 5 (five) SMS credits when he completes the validation process (instead of 20).

The user can now buy additional SMS credits with a minimum amount of 150 by logging in his account and selecting "Buy SMS".

The SMS can also be used as normal SMS sending to your friends / family / co-workers, You can also define groups to send mass sms at once.

The SMS will seem to originate from your phone number (if you go through the "validate my phone number" process) so it is ideal for people who hate typing SMS on their mobile phone.

We have more features coming for sending out SMS and also interacting with Leonardo Live with simple SMS messages without the need of PC or smartphone.

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