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Anybody can use LeonardoLive to setup Live Tasks.
A LiveTask does not need to be a task inside a Competition event, it can be used by a group
of pilots to setup a friendly fly-in with a competitive touch thrown in for fun.

!!!What is a LiveTask

Is a good way to display simultaneously a big number of LiveTracks, either as list or in Graphic mode in Google Maps and Google Earth.

However it goes far beyond this and offers RealTime auto-scoring. The pilot can submit his LiveTrack and the server scores it right away and refreshes a temporary result list

!!!Features of LiveTask

* As in usual LiveTracking, the viewer can enjoy really frequent updates of even down to 10 secs.
* The turnpoints of the Task with their radius are displayed in the Graphical views of Google Earth and Google Maps, making it easy for viewers to follow the task.
* Automatic upload of tracks to the server and auto-scoring. This means temporary live results are available as soon as pilots land and submit their track or end of flight signal
* The autoscoring can be done based on Task definition from an FSDB file OR by using an auto-optimization method of best 3 turnpoints. This means that unofficial LiveTasks among friends can be setup in no time.
* Ability for the system to send an SMS to the retrieve officer when a pilot lands. Although this person can track all pilots from a PC , i have noticed in our last comp, that the retrieve officer was used to the old methods of a map / radio and SMS messages from the pilots

So now you will be wondering: How to [Setup a Competition Task]