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 Setup a Competition Task

Friday, 2. July 2010 11:36:01, by Manolis Andreadakis


Account permissions

First you need to request that your account be assigned special permissions in order to add / edit tasks.

You must request this from the site admin.

Note: Only users with "validated phone numbers" can request this

After you have right permissions and create a task you can assign a password to it so others can update the task info without needing to login in to your account.

If your account is at level "Task Administrator" you will see an extra button on the top "Events -Tasks" that will lead you to "TASK Management" page.

Adding a task

You start by adding a task using the "Add Task" link on the top right.

Take care to fill in correctly the values in the form because the error checking is very minimal.

Take care with the date format it should be YYYY-MM-DD , some examples:

2009-03-28  ( for march 28 , notice the padding zero)
2009-01-07  ( for Jan 01 , notice the padding zero ) 

The 2 options that need some more analysis are

Waypoints File

Upload the event's Turnpoints file in CompeGPS format, the file should look like this:

G  WGS 84
U  1
z  23.692600,41.134972,24.621620,41.434586
W  LO8060 A 41.4166717529ºN 23.8373298645ºE 27-MAR-62 00:00:00 594.456299 LANDING EXOHI
w Blue Flag,0,-1.0,16777215,255,1,7,,0.0,

Take extra care, no checking is done on the file you upload, if it is the wrong format you will mess up things on the turnpoint entry page afterwards.

Pilots file

The task feature of LeonardoLive works in 2 modes

1) No defined pilot list: All Live tracks that are in the general area defined by the current task turnpoints are displayed as part of the task.

This is good if the pilots that will use the Live are not known in advance

2) A defined pilot list that the organizer must upload before-hand.

From an FS database

You can upload the FSDB file that you used during registration and holds the pilot names along with their competition pilotID and their other info.

In order to do that when entering the pilot info in the FS program you must add an extra field in each pilot that will use Leonardo Live.

This field must be called LiveUsername (note the uppercases) and should contain the exact username that the pilot uses in LeonardoLive.

After you upload the FSDB , a CSV file will be generated on the server for you.

You can download this file, edit/add some more last minute pilots

You could also add pilots not officially in the comp but ones you would also like to include in the task display. Enter 0 or nothing at their PilotID so LeonardoLive will display them differently.

After editing the CSV file locally you can change the extension to csv re-upload it.

From a CSV file

The format of a CSV file should be like that:

23;Andreadakis Manolis;GR;0;;Gradient Gloden 2 26;Orange - Blue;;;1402;manolis

Note The first line with the field names must be present.

Editing task's basic info

Use the "Edit" link on the "Task Managment" page on the task you want to edit. This will let you edit the details you have put in the "Add Task" page and re-upload / delete the Waypoints and Pilots files.

Entering the task's Turnpoints

Use the "Turnpoints " link on the "Task Managment" page on the task you want.

The info you usually have to enter in each row is

Do this for all turnpoints of the task.

You should have a list that is like this :


If the START is also a turnpoint you must enter it again as WPT right after START.

Also you must enter the turnpoint of the GOAL a second time - just before GOAL as a WPT to define the End of Speed Section.

Press submit to store the turnpoints, you should also be informed of the task distance, but this is only a very rough estimate, you should consider it very inaccurate and not to be used for anything else but basic checking.

You can come back to this page any time to update the turnpoints (ie if the task changed)

Entering / changing the task's times

Use the "Window" link on the "Task Managment" page on the task you want.

You must enter all times correctly and in Local Time, this is very important for the system to display correctly the task.

In the future the various window times will also be used to inform / alert the web site visitors that the window is open ... etc..