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!!!How you can use the web site to it's maximum !

!!Login / Registering
((|Login - Register Box|d))

Use the "Sign Up" link to create your account.
If you already have an account enter your username and password in the text fields.

!!Extra options that are available to users

* You can delete/submit your tracks without providing the track password again.
* The track points that your phone sends have embedded your userID so even if the first packet that has the login information is lost, the track will still be displayed as yours.
* __Phonebook , see below__
* You have a complete and functional Phonebook, where you can add your contacts and send them SMS.
* You can define Groups of Contacts and send them a group SMS
* Full report of SMS delivery
* if you Validate your Phone number the SMS that you send will be displayed as coming from your mobile number
* __Alerts, see below__
* Alerts are the main security feature of LeonardoLive.
* You can instruct the system to send out SMS / emails to predefined Contacts in case of Problem.

!!Integrating Leonardo Live to your page

Use this html code on your personal page / blog to display a small box
telling your visitors whether you are live tracking or not !

<iframe src=""
width=150 height=20 scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Or Use this html code on your page a small box with a status report
that displays the total number of users that are currently live tracking

<iframe src=""
width=150 height=40 scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You can use this extra option in order to display only certain countries
for example

<iframe src=""
width=150 height=40 scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

to display live tracks from Greece only. The country code must be in lower-case !!!

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