Drama, Greece
01 Mar - 16 Sep 2023
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QR Codes

2023-04-16 08:52
QR images have been added to the files section for each task. 

Also a handy one-page print out sheet, with all the QR codes and screenshot of the tasks from XCTrack

Οι εικόνες QR έχουν προστεθεί στην ενότητα αρχείων για κάθε εργασία.

Επίσης ένα εύχρηστο φύλλο εκτύπωσης μιας σελίδας, με όλους τους κωδικούς QR και στιγμιότυπο οθόνης των εργασιών από το XCTrack


2023-02-13 20:26
6 Tasks are now available from the Downloads section.


2023-02-05 21:47
A season long fun competition in Drama, Greece 2023.

Will be 6 tasks, best 4 results count.

Fly each task whenever you want, however many times as you want (only best score of the season counts)

1st March - 15th September 2023

More details, waypoints etc to follow


Event info

A season long competition in Drama, Greece

Rules & Info:

1. There will be 6 Tasks – pilots can fly each task as many times as they like over the season, only their best score for each task counts. 

2. Score from the pilots' 4 best tasks out of 6 (33% discards)

3. €10 / per pilot entry fee

4. Flights can be made anytime between 1st March - 16th September 2023

5. Flights will be scored against everyone else who flew the task, using 'elapsed time' scoring.

6. Because all the tasks can be flown as and when each pilot wishes, the elapsed time scoring also means, that the pilot can re-enter the SSS cylinder as many times as they wish in the same flight, for example if they have a poor start, the pilot could climb out, and 'tag' the start cylinder again - their 'clock' will start the last time they leave the SSS cylinder.

7. Distance points and time points will be available for each task, obviously leading points will not be given.

8. EN-C wings and below only

9. IGC files can be uploaded here at LiveTrack24 or emailed - please include Pilot Name & Task Number flown in the Subject field to info@skygods.co.uk

Local Rules

The competition is open to all pilots, however if you have never flown in the area before, please familiarise yourself first by speaking to any of the local pilots.

There are 2 military bases in Drama and it is strictly forbidden to land there.

See the pictures attached detailing the no-landing areas (looking at Korylovos take off to the North of Drama)

If unsure, please ask first!

Info about Flying here

The 2 main take-offs that will be used for the competition tasks are as follows:

Korylovos (D01)
Coords 41.166250,  24.166533

Pyrgi (D03)
Coords 41.224517,  23.991333

Aiolos Club Website and Info:




Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

Nearest Airport is Thessaloniki (SKG) and from there its a 2 hour drive to the North East to Drama.

Drama is approx 4 hours drive from Sofia, and 4.5 hours drive from Krushevo


Drama Cup 2023 - Tasks .doc
Results - 1st July 2023.pdf
Results - 2nd June 2023.pdf
Tasks Handout.doc
Tasks are now available here and QR codes for XCTrack / FlySkyHy

Selection and entry fee

Competition is open only to EN-C class gliders and below

No selection criteria, anyone is welcome to enter

Entry fee €10

Payable either in Cash in person or Paypal (Friends/Family) to info@skygods.co.uk

Competition schedule

1st March 2023 - 16th September 2023

Prize-Giving and BBQ:

Sunday 17th September

Aiolos Club
Korilovos Ring Road

Prizes and competition categories


1st/2nd/3rd Place


Owen Thompson
Skygods Paragliding