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Events \\ Inter Service Paragliding Championships 2019 \\ Task 19-6 / 2019-06-20

  • These results are only for informational purposes !!!
  • The live scoring is computed based on the livetracks of pilots every 3 minutes
  • The current scoring was computed on 2019-06-20 18:42:03 UTC

Temporary live task results

#Pilot NamePilot IDTask KmTask Time#Turn PointsTask ResultLive Track?TrackLogUpload
1Paul Snell3124.20018:23:025GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
2Thomas Garner3424.20018:24:505GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
3Hasta Tamang2124.20018:28:455GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
4Alex Hunt924.20019:30:515GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
5Jerry Ovens224.20019:30:535GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
6Nick Winder624.20019:30:545GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
7Garrick McMullin1824.20019:30:545GOAL YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
8Andy Claxton39.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
9Tim Oatley59.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
10Graham Lorimer249.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
11Dil Tamang209.2000:00:003LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
12Nev Shepherd254.5000:00:003LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
13Jerry Thwaites132.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
14Jonny Williams192.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
15Padam Gurung152.0000:00:002LO YES Track was ended normally Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
16Mark Jones162.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
17Sean Simmons442.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
18Josh Coombs-Hoar372.0000:00:002LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
19Dale Arden71.7000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
20Nic Dowdall171.6000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
21Dudley Walker351.5000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
22Chris Askham220.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
23Arun Purja-Pun230.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
24Leo Clark360.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
25Pete Gallagher400.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
26Leigh Joyce320.0000:00:001LO YES Track is live Tracklog [ IGC ]Upload
27Alistair Andrews38Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
28Andy Hasler41Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
29Ben Ireland27Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
30Chris Adams30Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
31Daniel Starsmore45Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
32Dave Neal33Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
33Emma Holland4Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
34Evan Quinn43Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
35Jenny Buck1Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
36Matthew Tandy26Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
37Mick Roche28Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
38Nick Lloyd11Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
39Paul Bingham14Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
40Peter Baines8Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
41Peter Jennings10Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
42Phil Kew42Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
43Sam Edwards29Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
44Shippers Shipley12Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload
45Tim Bishop39Not yet scored -No Tracklog yetUpload