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Paraglider No end of Track was received fivl28367
was at monte maddalena (BS) - IT [~5.5 km]
on 01-08-2013 14:52:37 UTC+0 
Alt:120 m, Speed:1 km/h, Duration:01:30:54
Distance from takeoff 0.1 km, [Max] 1.0 km

Takeoff: monte maddalena... - IT ~5.4km
at 01-08-2013 13:21:43 UTC+2
Distance from takeoff 1.0 km
[Max] 1.0 km [Max] 1.0 km
Paraglider No end of Track was received xela
was at Cimetta - CH [~5.5 km]
on 01-08-2013 13:43:46 UTC+0 
Alt:272 m, Speed:0 km/h, Duration:04:38:14
Distance from takeoff 9.5 km, [Max] 17.7 km

Takeoff: Santa Maria Mag... - IT ~8.2km
at 01-08-2013 09:05:32 UTC+1
Distance from takeoff 17.7 km
[Max] 17.7 km [Max] 17.7 km
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