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Friday, 17. August 2012 15:51:26, by Manolis Andreadakis



Now with a built in Vario! (on appropriate hardware)

Gaggle is a Vario & GPS for hang glider, paraglider and sailplane pilots. GPS based flight information such as logging, mapping, IGC file upload and glide calculations.)

Vario functions are only supported on devices with barometer hardware. This new feature is in beta test, please post on our forum with your feedback.)

This application is completely free, but there is an optional "donate" button. If you can afford to do so, please donate to support further development.

Gaggle is an Android client developed specially for LiveTrack24. You can take full advantage of all Leonardo Live features, because this client uses the official HTTP API

Download and Install

Option A

Use a QR code scanner

1. Open a QR code scanner. 2. Scan the QR code on top.

Option B: Install from App Market

1.Go to 'Market' on your device. 2.Select 'Search'. 3.Enter 'Gaggle' into the search field. 4.Once you've found the 'Gaggle' app, touch to install.

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