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Friday, 19. October 2012 22:41:14, by Manolis Andreadakis




SkyLogger is a program for visualizing and storing flight data using the iPhone. The program is especially adapted for the usage by glider, hangglider and paraglider pilots.

SkyLogger obtains the geodetic positions of the pilot during the flight and stores the data. Furthermore, the pilot is able to see during the flight the elapsed time, the distance to the take-off as well as the current ground speed and climb rate. A compass rose is indicating the current flight direction.

For competitions the pilot's and the aircraft's name, the aircraft's ID and the name of the competition can be entered.

After finishing the flight the stored geodetic data together with the data for the competition can be converted into the common IGC file format. Additionally, also other popular formats like GPX and KML are supported. The created files are stored on the iPhone and can be sent to servers or other computers.




Compatible Devices

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Home Page

Home Page


Latest Release

Version 8.1.0 Sep 28, 2012

Version 8.1.0 adds these features:

The automatic switching between portrai and landscape format during flight logging can be disabled in the settings (s. logging settings).In this case the format is fixed that existed just before beginning logging. The occurance of an acustic signal when entering a waypoint cylinder can be switched on and off in the settings for instruments. The instrument positions can be reset to their original positions by shaking the iPad only while being in the instrument editing mode. The editing mode is activated by touching an instrument by a so called "long press".

This is the last version that supports iOS versions older than iOS 5.0!

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