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Friday, 29. January 2016 09:42:22, by Livetrack24 Livetrack24


There are currently 3 APIs available to developers:

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How to select "Car"?

Thursday, 4. February 2010 05:43:40, by Viktor Ilijasic


could you please explain how to select other types of "vehicle", besides gliders?

I see in the api that a car could be selected (17100=>"Car"), but this option is not available in the GpsTrackLive. wiki page does boast that "You can only take full advantage of all Leonardo Live features with the custom made java client", but it seems this feature is not covered, along with many other vehicle types.

If it is not implemented, could you please implement it?

Is this the proper place to post a request, question?



new version

Friday, 5. February 2010 14:55:41, by Manolis Andreadakis

Hi Viktor, the current java client, (my client, since there are some others also)
only supports the flying types, i'll release very shortly a new version that has all the other types


Friday, 5. February 2010 22:19:28, by Viktor Ilijasic

That would be excellent, thanks!