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The idea

Leonardo Live makes it possible to broadcast your flight (or other activity) live with the use of your mobile phone and a bluetooth GPS (if your phone does not have an integrated GPS receiver).

How does it work?

Your phone runs a simple program that gets your location coordinates from the GPS and sends this info to the Leonardo Live server. The server then processes this info and displays your position to the webpage so everyone can track you live and be notified of any problems you may have. More over the server is smart enough that it can be programmed by you to send out distress sms/emails to your predefined contacts in case of problems.

How is it different to other Live Tracking solutions ?

What you need ?


A phone

and a Bluetooth GPS (if your phone does not have an integrated GPS receiver)

Buying a new/used mobile/GPS


You must install a program on your phone, see Compatible Clients

How much does it cost?

The transmission is done via GPRS so the actual cost depends on how much the phone company charges GPRS traffic

The price of GPRS varies between mobile companies but even with high GPRS charges the cost can be

Calculate GPRS traffic/Costs

LESS THAN 0.05 Euro / Flying hour (or even free in some cases)

There are NO other costs other than GPRS traffic

After i buy the phone and GPS ?

You need to

Setup an working GPRS connection on your phone

GPRS Instructions

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