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English Install on Siemens SXG75

Wednesday, 8. July 2009 20:32:21, by Manolis Andreadakis



A short review of SXG75 phone

Siemens SXG75 is a very special phone. I love it and hate it at the same time



All in all this could be a good device in expert hands but too so good for personal use for everyday flying by non-pc-technical pilots.

Before you begin

NOTE: you need the USB cable

STEP 1) I have tested only with the latest firmware version. (SXG75_W5V0_xxInternational-LG04_26_0107_3GSwupFU_SGLPK) . I would reccomend tha you upgrade to this version. Search for this file on google and follow the upgrade instructions.

STEP 2) Install the Software from the CD on your PC, this installs the usb drivers as well.

STEP 3) Download and install on your PC Brew Mobile Commander (BMC)

STEP 4) Download and install JavaMidletInstaller

Installing GpsTrackLive

STEP 1) Get the java

Get the beta version especially for SXG75 from here (the Latest GpsTrackLive version will be made to work BUT also should a special JAD file that is needed for SXG75, so for now on just use the zip above)

STEP 2) Put the Jar and this jad file in the same directory

Start jmi , Browse and select either the jad or jar file and check "Java Applications"

Click "Install"

Getting rid of java's security questions

Now you have installed the midlet on the Phone. We need to sign it.

STEP 1) Open BMC and after you setup the ports for connecting to the phone connect to the phone.

You should be able to see the contents of the phone on the right panel.

STEP 2) Select from Menu "Phone"->"Java Permissions"->"Applications" .

STEP 3) See the "GpsTra199.ids" (the number 199 may differ) and right click on it -> "Change Permissions" , a dialog will pop-up

STEP 4) "Sign as Trusted" and then "Save to phone" , answer yes to all the questions.

STEP 5) On this same directory ( brew/mod/java_ams/install/applications/) goto to directory GpsTra199/ you will see a file GpsTra199.jad On your PC rename the GpsTrackLive.jad to GpsTra199.jad and copy from PC to Phone. Answer yes to questions.

STEP 6) make a directory in brew/shared/MyStuff called LeonardoLive you will need this from inside the JavaProgram to set as the place to save tracklogs and log files. This directory is accessed from inside the Java program as


Settings of the Phone

STEP 1) Setup parameters of the internal GPS

1) In the main startup screen of the phone type 000000 (that is six zeroos) and press the middle joystick button.

You will enter the "secrect menu"

2) Run "GPSone" and set the following

"User settings" ->"Session Type"-> "Tracking Mode (App-Driven)"

"User settings" ->"Operation Mode"->"Standalone"

Press the "c" (delete) key to exit the application and "Back" to exit the secret menu.

STEP 2) Deactivate "UTMS" , it just drains the battery with no good reason

From "Home" -> "Menu"-> "Settings"->"Network" -> "Mode selection"->"GSM Only"

STEP 4) Disable Various things to optimize performance

"Home" -> "Menu"-> "Settings"->"Connectivity"->"Bluetooth"->"Bluetooth Active"="Off"
"Home" -> "Menu"-> "Settings"->"Phone"->"Device Manager"


"Options"-> "Select Profile"->"Profile 2" 

This will cut off firmware upgrades.

STEP 4) Setup GPRS


"Home" -> "Menu"-> "Settings"->"Connectivity"->"Connect Profiles"

Delete everything in there and add a new one from "Options"->"Edit"

the only fields you need to edit are the profile name ie "GPRS" and the APN: which is specific to your provider


"Home" -> "Menu"-> "Settings"->"Connectivity"->"Internet Profiles"

Delete everything in there

3) exit all menus and start the internet browser

"Browser settings"-> "Browser profiles"

Delete everything in there and add a new one from "Options"->"Edit"

the only fields you need to edit are the profile name ie "Internet" and select the "connection profile" to "GPRS" (the one you have created before. LEAVE proxy empty !!!

Assign GpsTrackLive to a key

Run BMC and select from Menu

"Phone"->"Assign Shortcuts"

On the phone image click on the button you wish to assign GpsTrackLive

then in the Field "function" paste

application/javaams?-V"Leonardo Live" -M"GpsTrackLive" -N1

and in field select "None"



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