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English Java Phones

Friday, 19. October 2012 22:14:15, by Manolis Andreadakis


Older phones with the ability to run Java midlets

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GPSTrackLive on Sonim_XP3300

Friday, 7. December 2012 09:15:27, by Pavel Bystrov


Tested today the java version on Sonim_XP3300 - in geneeral it works, however the follwoing points are challenging:
- incorrect speed detection (was driving a car, and the difference between real speed and the one shown was around 30-40 kmh);
- numerous "allow/deny" questions after starting the track (could be Sonim issue - will check the forums there), however in Java application settings you can't allow the connections - only "prompt" or "deny";
- on reconnecting to GPS after losing it, asks to allow connection and blocks all the tracking

Issues solved in TrekBuddy

Friday, 7. December 2012 09:21:49, by Pavel Bystrov

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