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English Longer Battery Life

Monday, 6. April 2009 15:50:50, by Manolis Andreadakis


The #1 problem with LiveTracking is the battery dying up on you!

Here are some tips that will help you get longer battery life of your phone. A new phone ,even a cheap one if used with the tips provided below can provide at least 10 hours of continuous live tracking. Tracking times of 20 or even 30 hours are also realistic with phones with good batteries.

1) Most important: In devices that support it , once the tracking is on and you have confirmed all security questions (connect to gps, internet etc...) place the LeonardoLive program in the background and leave it running there. In Symbian Phones (ie Nokia high-end phones) you do this by pressing the red-button, the program dissapears but still runs ! The screen light goes off and you have huge power savings ! At any time you can then get back LeonardoLive by pressing and holding down the "menu button". When you do that a list of running programs appear on the screen and you just select the one you want. You can use this to jump to other open programs and close them down if not needed. Any open program you dont use just eats some of your battery life!

2) If your device does not support running in the background, when you have the livetracking working, navigate with the "Next" to the black-empty screen. This screen is there to help reduce power consumption!

3) The interval of sending packets does not play an important role in battery life. The difference in battery life when using 4x4 secs packets compared to 4x10 secs packets is very minimal. For example in my tests a Nokia 2600 phone (which has a medium strength battery) lasted 13 hours in the first case and 12,5 hours in the second case.

I would advice however to make 2 tests with your phone, one with setting "4 sec-send every 4" and one "10 sec-send every 4" with a fully -just charged battery to see any differences. It is very important to place your phone in a place that has GPS reception for the whole duration of the test! If the GPS has no reception then no packets are send to the server and this means you wont be able to compare the one setting against the other.

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