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 GPRS Settings

Thursday, 22. May 2008 18:45:15, by Manolis Andreadakis


You must make sure you have a working GPRS connection in your mobile.

If you have more than one internet connection and you have to chooce one typically you dont want "MMS" or "WAP" , more probably one named 'internet" or "web" will do the job.

GPRS Settigs


To enable GPRS on Vodaphone, you need to ask Vodafone tech support to send you profile "VF Live! Postpay".

For Greece, set APN to "" (check the relevant setting for your country, it could be properly preset when they send you the profile but judging by the ineptitude I faced don't bet on it).


Default setting for the APN is which (although it allows web browsing) won't work with GpsTrackLive. Change the APN to and it should work.

UK GPRS settings are at ""

Phone Settings

Sony K770i


The settings for Java programs (Leonardo Live is a Java program) are not automatically updated (at least not on the menus of the K770i). You need to go to:

"Settings" -> "Connectivity" -> "Settings for Java" and select the proper (VF Live! Postpay) internet profile (most likely the selected profile for Java is still whatever you used before). It took me a long time and much frustration to figure that one out so do not despair.

Once all this is done, turn on the Bluetooth on your mob, turn on your bluetooth gps receiver, get outside and start a test track. Then go inside and see if it comes up on the test server ( or simply main page, find TEST SERVER and click it).