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 Upload Track API

Sunday, 6. September 2009 16:40:51, by Manolis Andreadakis


You can use this API to send a track recored with LeonardoLive compatible programs to a LeonardoXC server.

There are 2 options:

  1. Send the track that is stored at the server, so no re-uploading is done, but this means that the tracking interval be may too big or that there are missing trackpoints due to bad mobile signal. This method is reffered to as 'live-partial-submit'
  1. Re-upload the trackpoints that the program has stored internally into the phone, it may be even at 1 sec interval! This is the recommended method and it is called 'full-reupload'

In the full-reupload 2 methods can be used for sending the trackpoints, either uncompressed which is simpler or compressed which saves a lot of bandwidth bu is harder to implement.


or for testing

NOTE : the test url is for submitting tracks recorded on the test server by using the 'live-partial-submit' option.


Variables needed in all methods

Variable name     Values
op             => submit  

sessionID      => 
liveUsername   => 
gliderType     => 
gliderName     => 
platform       => 
gps            => 
programName    => 
programVersion => 
comments       => 
url            => 

leonardoServer => 
username       => leonardoXc username
password       =>

Variables for 'live-partial-submit'
format         => ALREADY_UPLOADED_DATA

Variables for 'full-reupload'
format         => ALREADY_UPLOADED_DATA