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Try Live Tracking yourself. Read carefully through the sections below

What I need before i start ?

  1. Mobile phone that can run java applications and has Bluetooth support
    See Here for a list of programs and mobile phones that are compatible
  2. Bluetoooth GPS
    A Bluetooth GPS is a small Device (a size of matchbox) which can also be used with your laptop, PDA, etc...
    You can find a lots of BT GPS in ebay both new and used starting from 30EUR/40$
  3. GPRS connection
    Your mobile contract or pre-paid card must have Internet via GPRS
    You can find some info in the wiki pages, please take the time to register in the wiki and add the information from your carrier

So how do you join ?

  1. Register
    This is not required but by registering you will be able to fully utilize the system's functions as having your own phonebook, sending SMS and defining Alerts that trigger on specific conditions and send out distress signals by SMS or emails.
    If you choose not to register you can still use the system by using whatever username/password you want in the phone and just remember them so you can delete/submit your track later.
  2. Get the compatible program for your mobile
    There are many ways to get LeonardoLive working on your phone, review each one of the methods below:
    1. Get the Java program OverTheAir directly to your phone
      Just Fill in your phone number in this page and the download link will be send via SMS to your phone
    2. Download the Java client to your PC and install it with your phone software
      If the GpsTrackLive java program does not work for you you can try the list of compaltible programs HERE
      NOTE: You will only get 100% functionality of the system with the GpsTrackLive program !!!
  3. Finally , you or your friends can watch you live at
    There is a special page for use in mobile phones at, it is optimized for use on mobile devices , typically your retrieve driver and is only 2Kb

Some common instructions/tips

  • You must make sure you have a working GPRS connection in your mobile.
    If you have more than one internet connection and you have to chooce one typically you dont want "MMS" or "WAP" ,
    more probably one named 'internet" or "web" will do the job.
  • Make sure you have a charged battery. Bluetooth and GPRS can drain battery very quickly.
    From some tests i made on a Nokia 6680 the battery lasted 9 hours.
  • Make sure you have bluetooth active before running the program.