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Promachi, Mount Voras
12 - 15 Apr 2018
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country

Upcoming Tasks

12/04/18 Training Day Provisional
Task Distance: 101 km

Event info

πρόγνωση καιρού από το

PROMACHIA XC OPEN 2018 - Greek League, FAI cat2

Promachi, Almopias, Pella, Greece, Mount Voras

12, 13, 14 & 15 April 2018

The Air Sports Association Pella 'Flypella' with the support of the Municipality Almopia and the collaboration of the Cultural Association of Promachi organizes competitions four-day duration with the training day and invite all clubs to join it.

The competition area is the valley of Almopia, is a really great place for competition flights

Local Rules

Race will be contucted according to the FAI rules

Athletes need to have:

- Valid pilot license and valid FAI sporting license

- IPPI card level 5

- Medical insurance covering paragliding 

- Third party liability insurance covering paragliding

- Unmodified and certified helmet (EN 966), harness (EN 1651), and paraglider (EN 926/2), rescue parachute, VHF radio & mobile phone, 

- live tracking device or smart mobile phone whith internet conections. 

Info about Flying here

Promachia 2017, 73km Task - the first four pilots tracks


- "Promachi" 

- "Edessa"

- "Kerasies"



Printable Waypoints Map


The stay of athletes can be done with camping on the soccer field of Promachi in space with natural shade which has changing rooms, showers and toilets.
 Alternatively, below you will find hotels and rooms in Loutraki (Pozar) which is only 12 km.

There is an offer from the Alkionis hotel, tel + 302384091050 - +306977629709
 The concert and closing room is the sole responsibility of the athletes - visitors.

Selection and entry fee

Participation fee: € 60,
 The participation fee will be 20% less, 50 euros for athletes who make payment by bank transfer until Monday, April 5, 2017 to the following account:
 Alpha Bank
  IBAN: GR5701408720872002786002327
 Recipient: Petros Miskos


Paypal account for optional paypal payments (easy international payment):
Send to:
 All transfer expenses must be borne solely by the client.
 Send the deposit slip to mail:
 Beyond that date the participation fee is 60 euros.

Fees paid will not be returned for any reason or for any claim.

Competition schedule

11/04/2018 Unofficial Training Day

  • 12:00 - Transport to Take off
  • 12:30 - Task Briefing 
  • 13:00 - Window open 

12/04/2018 Practice - Training Day

  • 12:00 Transport to Take off 
  • 12:30 Task Briefing 
  • 13:00 Window opens
  • 19:00 - 21:00 Registration

Friday 13/04/2018 - First competition day

  • 8:00 - 9:00 Registration 
  • 09:00   General Briefing 
  • 10:00   Transport to take off 
  • 11.00   Task Briefing
  • 12.00   Window open
  • 18.00   End of Task 
  • 19.00  Scoring office at the town hall

 Saturday 14/04/2018 - Second competition day

  • 09:00  General Briefing
  • 10:00  Transport to take off 
  • 11.00  Task Briefing
  • 12.00  Window opens 
  • 18.00  End of Task 
  • 19.00   Scoring office at the town hall
  • 21:00   Free dinner for all athletes

Sunday15/04/2018 - Third competition day

  • 09:00   General Briefing 
  • 10.00   Transport to take off 
  • 11.00   Task Briefing
  • 12.00   Window open
  • 17.00   End of Task
  • 17.30   Scoring office at the town hall
  • 18:00   Awards ceremony

Prizes and competition categories

  • Overall
  • Spor Class
  • Female


Greek Air Sports Federation
 Supervised Commission Paragliding
 Air Sports Association Pella
 * Meet Director: Anastasios Privartitsanis
 * Event Coordinator: Miskos Petros 
 * Security: Efstratios Giamoukoglou
 With the support of Cultural Association Promachi

Contact Info

Contact Person Miskos Petros tel 00306944886431 Contact the organizer