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About Us Some things you might be interested to know

Manolis Andreadakis

Onwer - CEO - R&D

It all started from Manolis back in 2006, when the idea of LiveTrack24 was taking flesh and bones on a computer screen.

Manolis a infomatics engineer geek, started paragliding in 1999 and discovered the ‘outdoors’. Having a background in engineering he is always after improving and fine tuning things, be it some simple day to day procedures or advanced realtime spatial algorithms.

Although we were all individually coming from different outdoor activities, at the “after landing” time we soon realized that the loneliness of a long – distance runner who has just started a 100km race, the awareness of a pilot circling a +7 thermal and the awe of open sea sailing in 8+ bf had sculptured our souls with the same principles and values: …Respect and love for the nature, don’t stop trying to know and improve yourself, be humble, keep safe..

Until 2013 the idea of LiveTrack24 was highly accepted from the global paragliding community, from PWCA and national federations to top athletes, beginners and spectators also. Livetrack24 recognized as the best and “must have” safety tool for any air activity and at the same moment, the way to share in real time your passion with your friends, your family, the spectators..

At the same year, LiveTrack24 not only continues to grow following the air sports scene, but has started also to penetrate in other outdoor activities.