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Hardware GPS Trackers

LiveTracker24 is a reliable tracking device coupled with an innovative and easy to use service, adding security and fun to your activities.


LiveTracker24 v1


LiveTracker24 v2

Fully supported on yes yes
Alarm / OK button yes yes
Keyboard lock - yes
Battery Life 10 hrs 5 hrs
Phone call quality ★★ ★★★
Minimum tracking interval 3 secs 2 secs
Battery 1000mah Lion Nokia comaptible 1000mah Lion Nokia comaptible
GPRS traffic / hour (on high frequency operation) 25 kb /hr 30 kb /hr
Physical buttons 3 5
Full 100% tracklog on the server even if no GSM signal at some areas - yes
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LiveTracker24 is a reliable tracking device coupled with an innovative and easy to use service, adding security and fun to your activities.


Low mobile usage costs. It consumes 25Kb / hour

Sends the track to any online XC League automatically without the need of a PC

check Designed especially for LiveTrack24 service

check 2 sec updates of pilots position

check Send SOS messages with your coordinates to any group of people in case of emergency


LiveTracker24 v2 is available
at a retail price of
€179,95 (VAT incl).

Order yours now

See how LiveTracker24 is better compared to your phone

Ease of use
Battery Life
Reconnection in case of singal loss
Easy Setup
Used as Navigation tool
Livetrack24 Premium Service yes 1 year included no

and there is more...

The most easy device to use for live-tracking and works 100% perfect with server.

The pilot just has to turn it on and then off at landing (or if he has some kind of problem, press the SOS button).

Automatically sends the track after landing to any online XC contest.

Just needs a SIM card with GPRS traffic but uses very very little amount of data : a typical use is 20-50 kb / hour of flight.

Works remarkably well in areas where other devices or phones don't have good signal.

Internal GPS receiver with high accuracy so that the device can work even when inside a harness pocket, or inside the cockpit with no problem at all.


LiveTracker24 is more than a hardware device. GREAT SERVICE INCLUDED !!!

The Livetrack24 service gives you more than you though was possible

Live flight info - distance and bearing to nearest towns and villages – great for your retrieve driver - LIVE WEATHER REPORTS

Alert a group of people when in trouble Livetrack24 can send an SMS to the phone numbers you define with a text describing your problem and your current position.

SMS Send sms to friends and groups to organize the next flight.

REAL TIME TRACKING Pilot's positions are reported back to the server with an accuracy of 2 secs, Your friends at the office can now see you climb that +8

UPLOAD TO ONLINE XC LEAGUES Your track is uploaded to any XC league you choose as soon as you land . No PC will ever be needed again.


Your progress can be followed in many ways:

Google Earth in full 3D,

Google maps 3D for smooth 1 sec animations

Google maps 2D for older PC’s

Text mode suitable for mobile phones and slow internet connections.
Friends can track you via a simple phone. Everything they need is presented in simple and small text page


LiveTracker24 can be used for all outdoor activities like

  • Paragliding / hanggliding
  • Gliding
  • MTB
  • Running
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • you name it ...

LiveTracking Services

Click / tap on any line bellow to see more details.
  • Features
  • Tracking Options
  • ★★★
  • LiveTracker24 v2 deviceA build on purpose device, with special developed firmware "written" for trouble - free operation. Five hours of battery life, light, robust, reliable and user friendly functions, you will hardly know it's there.
  • Flymaster LIVEFlymaster LIVE is fully supported on Livetrack24.
  • A number of apps for Android and iPhoneDownload apps for Android and iPhone and live the experience of LiveTrack24 with your smart phone.
  • Blackberry programBlackberry users can download the dedicated app for their mobiles and connect to LiveTrack24. Easy, fast, only some minutes away from the LiveTrack24 world.
  • Java program for NOKIA phonesNOKIA phone users can use our Java program to join us.
  • Java program for older mobile phonesOur community is open to all. Users with older mobile phones models can use a simple java program and join us.
  • LiveTrack24 Views
  • ★★★
  • LiveTrack24 in 2D2D views works with any browser out of the box without any plugin.
  • LiveTrack24 in 3D in browser3D views is more sophisticated and provided through your browser with Google Plugin. Gives you the possibility to look around any number of tracks in a three axis movements and have an eye look from a different altitude.
  • LiveTrack24 in 3D with Google Earth3D views in Google Earth, the best you can get in terms of graphics. The Google Earth power in your hands to view any number of flights simultaneously.
  • Optimized pages for mobile phonesLight and fast mobile phone pages, with enough information for immediate viewing. Even with older models you can be tracked and track your friends easy.
  • Filter tracks by a number of waysFilter the tracks display by the country, specific date, sport activity or the username of your buddies.
  • Replay of tracksReplay and compare flights to live any flight again, check the strategy used and the the options the pilot had.
  • Your flight listA database with all your flights and enough statistics in order to know where the barrier has been set for you.
  • Automatic post to facebook / twitterBy the time you activate your device, a new status is posted at your facebook wall. All your friends will see you at the take off, follow you in flight and know that you have safely landed.
  • Widgets with live status for user's blogFilter the tracks display by the country, specific date, sport activity or the username of your buddies.
  • Full tracks in Google Earth with extra infoView tracks in Google Earth with all the possible info, like best and longest glide, best ascent, biggest descent and other details, helping you make a complete analysis to your flight.
  • Premium mobile pagesDetailed mobile phone pages, (see below).
  • Permalinks to user's livetrackingPermanent links to your live track gives easy, fast and trouble free access to your predefined type of viewing - 2D/3D, Google Earth or mobile.
  • Specific flight dataSpecific flight data of yours and all the other LiveTrack24 users such as take off details, vario readings, AGL altitude, max altitude, barograph, current course, current and max distance from the take off, start/end times, duration, etc.
  • Windspeed and airspeedShows the wind speed and airspeed of you and all the other LiveTrack24 users around you, every single moment during your flight. In this way you will have a complete picture of the flying area and make the right choices.
  • Premium facebook / twitter postsDetailed posts to facebook and twitter durring your whole flight everytime your status changes like launched, found lift, low save, landed, etc.
  • Premium widgetCustomized widged to display the live status and flight details of pilots of your choice directly in your web pages.
  • Change refresh rare on Google MapsYou can set the desired refresh rate on Google maps up to every single second. Follow the action and the pilot continuously and feel his heart beating in that +7 thermal!
  • Alerts
  • ★★★
  • User defined alertsWhile ending your live tracking automatic alerts can be sent, via SMS, email or custom URL to your friends and or family to inform them about your condition (e.g. Everything OK, Need Retrieve, Need Help, etc).
  • Unlimited
  • Send alerts to groups of contactsSend simultaneously to a group of friends the same SMS or email to communicate your condition (e.g. Everything OK, Need Retrieve, Need Help, etc).
  • A number of apps for Android and iPhoneDownload apps for Android and iPhone and live the experience of LiveTrack24 with your smart phone.
  • Automatic alertsYou can create your custom message and link it with one of the already given alerts. So when an alert reaches your friends mobile phone, your custom text message also appears.
  • Custom message in alert bodyYou can create your custom message with string substitution and link it with one of the already given alerts. So when an alert reaches your friends mobile phone, your custom text message also appears.
  • User Display Options
  • ★★★
  • Configurable display nameConfigure your display name anytime so your full name or part of it will appear next to your username. With this feature, your followers, your sponsors or just your flying buddies know that you "on the move" for your next epic flight.
  • Tracking User Profiles
  • ★★★
  • Different activity profiles with iconsSo you really like outdoor sports! No problem, the Livetrack24 service can cover all kind of activities. All you have to do is to create the appropriate profile for your sport. Running, biking, sailing, motorcycling, everything you might need. Just remember to activate the right profile from the mobile app, your PC screen or with a simple SMS.
  • Unilited
  • Automatic profile selectionAutomatic activity detection and profile selection.
  • Activity type and equipment nameView the activity, the equipment brand and equipment model. Give gredit to your sponsors and promote your precious bicycle or paraglider manufacturer.
  • Automatic Flight Submission
  • ★★★
  • Auto submission to all Leonardo XC LeaguesAfter landing, your track can be submitted automatically to all the Leonardo XC Leagues. A complete tracklog with plenty of statistics in individual or aggregated measures in relative with a specific time period, take off places or wings. A full history log about your activity that you can always return and get data from.
  • Auto submission to XContestAfter landing, you can choose your track to automatically submit to XContest. Get yourself in a world ranking with all the pilots from all over the world, flying in the same category.
  • Auto submission to various running log booksLiveTrack24 is also compatible to various running log books. Your running activity submits automatically to your favourite database.
  • Private Tracking
  • ★★★
  • Private TrackingKeep your activity in private. Use this feature if you don't like publicity on that day or protect yourself from curious eyes. Only you or your chosen friends will be able to see you.
  • Phonebook
  • ★★★
  • Phonebook to send SMS via web interfaceOrganise your activity, set the meeting time, share the weather forecast or any other info you want, sending an SMS via the LiveTrack24 interface. Create your personal phone list with your friends and communicate in a more economical way.
  • Unlimited
  • Mass SMS functionCreate a group of friends (e.g. My flying buddies, Bikers, etc) and send simultaneously to all of them the same SMS with a simple click.
  • Mobile App & Mobile Pages
  • ★★★
  • Pages for ALL internet connected phonesOptimised pages for all types of mobile phones that have internet access. User friendliness, small bandwidth with enough information, all at the same time.
  • LiveTrack24 apps for smartphonesWith many compatible apps you can easily track your friends and or your group from the ground and from the air
  • Location related to main townsAdditional information of your location and the location of others related to the main towns around is being displayed on your mobile pages. Retrieve becomes easier and faster as you have another point of reference.
  • Device information and connection statusGet device information, the connection status and statistics to help you improve your live data transmission.
  • SMS interface for tracking usersOne of our "smart" features. Find the location of your fellow pilot by simply sending an SMS to the LiveTrack24 server. The system will respond with an SMS containing your friend's location name and coordinates.
  • Smaller towns, takeoffs and landingsGet additional location information for you and the others related to smaller towns and villages around on your mobile pages. You can locate your friends faster without even looking at the map. Retrieve becomes an easy job for everyone.
  • Group Functions
  • ★★★
  • Friends listAbility to have friends list.
  • Events
  • ★★★
  • Organize your own eventsOrganize personal task (up to 5 participants) events with no admin assistance.
  • All aspects of tasksFull control over all aspects of personal tasks (up to 5 participants).
  • Display in 2D / 3D Google EarthDisplay the tasks in 2D and 3D with Google Earth.
  • Special text only page with track listsEfficient, fast and low bandwidth text only pages to view your event for any internet connected mobile phone.
  • 3D glider models in 3D view3D glider models in 3D view.
  • Perfect live viewingSilent wings live viewer for perfect live viewing.
  • One sec smooth animationOne sec smooth animation.
  • Import of FSDB databasesImport of FSDB databases.
  • Live scoring with FSLive scoring with FS executable program. Results are 100% same with the output of FS.
  • Custom banners to all tracking pagesAbility to have friends list.
  • News and chat page for every taskNews and chat page for every task.
  • Mini blog system for every taskMini blog system for every personal task (up to 5 participants).
  • Export data to pgcomps.netExport data to for task replay and publishing of results.
  • Live 3D wind barbs on mapsDisplay live 3D wind barbs of Google Earth maps.

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