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The Livetrack24 service gives you more than you thought was possible.

  • 3D view, 1 sec. animation
  • What you get is a visual representation of the whole task with turnpoints, making it easy for viewers to follow the task. With 3D glider Models and updates of 1 sec this is something viewers and sponsors will love.
  • Send news and updates via twitter or SMS
  • Add you sponsor’s banners and logos
  • Offline scoring option – Pilots can submit their track-logs themselves after the task to be scored
  • Live Chat during the task. Can be used by the organizer to provide a commentary of the task for the viewers

Live scoreboard

Live scoreboard, that which is updated every one minute. The server scores all pilot tracks and produces real-time on the fly scoring. In good GSM signal areas the scoring can be very close to the final scoring produced by the downloaded track-logs. If there is no GSM signal the LiveBox24 stores the track-log and send it to the server when GSM signal is available.

Retrieve made simple

The system send an SMS to the retrieve officer when a pilot lands. Although this person can track all pilots from a PC, still in some cases getting the report via SMS is still needed. A nice dashboard helps identify pilots still in the air, landed, in the retrieve bus or reported back at HQ.

Real time tracking

Pilot’s positions are reported back to the server with an accuracy of 2 secs, especially useful near the turnpoints.

Helping the organizer

LiveTrack24 helps the organizer in every possible way. Gives easy tools to make his event truly LIVE. And he doesn’t even have to use a PC to do that. The service can be operated from a smart phone or tablet and some functions even with sending out SMS’es from a simple phone.

A view for every need

The task can be followed in many ways be it Google Earth in full 3D, Google maps 2 D for older PC#s or even a text mode suitable for mobile phones and slow internet connections.

See our Livetracking guide for competition organizers