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What is Live Tracking ?

Live Tracking: By using a GPS to determine your position and a mobile network to send this position in Real Time to a server, other people can see your excact position presented in a map in Real Time.

There are many ways to achieve LiveTracking. LiveTrack24 Live uses your mobile to run a program that collects the gps information from the bluetooth GPS or the internal GPS reciever of smartphones and sends this info to the LiveRrack24server. The server stores all the info into a database and diplays your position in Real time with Google Maps or 3D in Google Earth

Compatible Mobile phones

Almost all newer smartphones are supported

Nokia Sony Ericsson Samsung iPhone Android BlackBerry Windows Mobile

You can also get a dedicated hardware tracker, the most reliable way to LiveTrack

How much does it cost?

The transmission is done via GPRS so the actual cost depends on how much the phone company charges GPRS traffic

The price of GPRS varies between mobile companies but even with high GPRS charges the cost can be LESS THAN 0.05 Euro / Flying hour

[ Calculate GPRS traffic / Costs ]

The sign-up and use of the service is free