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LiveTrack24+ Mobile Application

LiveTrack24+ Mobile application!

The official phone application for Live tracking and monitoring

Android: Get the app from Google Play iPhone/iPad: Get the app from iTunes

Live Tracking

Robust and easy live tracking that can immediately detect and handle mobile signal loss and all kind of interruptions. We use an innovative triple buffer technology approach to keep the points, compress them and send them all once you are online again.

Live Radar

While flying you see who is around you and what they are doing, their vario, speed, altitude, wind info, real time distance and direction from you. Even while turning you see a real time arrow pointing to them.
Optimized and Tested to be actually usable in flight.

Group Monitor

Track your friends in various modes; see them in a list with their positions and instrument reading details, see them in radar mode related to you or watch them on the map.

More features

Wind speed and direction gauges
See the wind speed and direction gauges at the position of all of your friends and people that are livetracking near you.
Up to 95% live data compression
Increased data transmission speeds, minimized mobile data traffic volume needs and improved reliability in weak signal areas achieved with two level custom data compression. It needs less than 1KB per hour to be live when idle and up to 35KB per hour when moving fast while sending your position every 3 seconds.
Automatic economy and emergency transmit modes
The application interprets what you are doing and dynamically changes the transmit intervals, e.g. it sends less points when you are idle or less frequently when not moving fast. In case of increased negative vertical speed it will automatically send your position every second.
Can be used as a simple GPS device
Giving speed, altitude, course, vario and wind info readings in an easy and intuitive to read and understand screen.
Enhanced connection
We employ two ways to communicate with the LiveTrack24 servers, one is realtime with emphasis on speed and up to second updates and the other is standard http with automatic redundancy from one to the other, to get the best from both worlds.
You can use a test server for testing out
For your testing there is a test server with the exact same functionality as the main server. You can report "HELP, SERIOUS INJURY" there without freaking anyone.
Improved data sync
It gets only the updated data from the server in a packed form. The results are minimised mobile data costs, increased transfer speeds and improved reliability in weak signal areas.
Other exiting features
There are other features like "Geek mode" and "Simulation Track", but for the moment these are only used for in house development and testing purposes.

Android: Get the app from Google Play

iPhone/iPad: Get the app from iTunes