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Barberton, close to Kruger National Park, South Africa
24 - 30 Jun 2018
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LiveTrack24 Scoring 2018 - 2018-06-15 09:52

Dear Pilots

This year the scoring team for Barberton will be Grant Smith and Andrew Taylor. We are excited to be helping out with this aspect of the competition and would like you to kindly please read the information below to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible for all concerned.

The LiveTrack24 platform will once again be used for scoring at the Barberton Open. This means that pilots are responsible for ensuring that their valid tracklog is in the LiveTrack24 system. The role of the scorers (as per the last few comps in South Africa) is not to get the track log off your device. 

It is our preferred option from both an administrative and spectator friendliness aspect that you successfully install and operate a Livetrack compatible app on your smartphone or instrument. The list of options is here ( ). Just like nobody tells you which wing to fly, we don't prescribe an app. That said, I have personally had great success with the following two apps and have put together some short guides on the most effective settings for each option.

For Android users: TTLivetrack24
I have used this successfully over the last 3 South African comps with a mid-level Samsung smart phone and have never had to manually upload a tracklog... Now if I could just figure out how to reach goal at Barberton!
The link on recommended settings is here: 

For iPhone Users: FlySkyHy
I have used this app for lets just call him a more "senior"member of our flying team. The app is not necessarily as bombproof, but then again, what is! You can also pay a bit to enable you to upload the comp waypoints into the app so you can use it as a backup instrument.
The link on recommended settings is here:
A note on battery life
Certain phones go into low power mode which will automatically close your tracking app... Please be sure to have a fully charged phone and a suitable power bank. Note, you typically need a power bank with double your phone batteries capacity to give a single charge. So if your phone battery is 2500 mAh, you need a fully charged 5000 mAh battery pack to give the phone a full charge.... 

Problem children....
As stated above, it is not the scoring teams responsibility to get your tracklog off your device... That said, it may be that there are one or two folks around who will be willing to help for the price of a beer or two if you have tried your best and failed...! Note that we do not have device specific cables and also use Windows 10 which means that some of the older Brauniger and Competino instruments will just not play ball - despite my numerous attempts to help various pilots in the past...