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Jämijärvi EFJM
29 - 30 Jun 2016
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Air Navigation Race

Past Tasks

Event info

NOTE: for details on the Nordic Precision Flight Championship 2016, the Finnish Precision flight championship, and the Finnish Rally Championship 2016, please contact the Organizer directly by email: tarkkuus(at)
This page provides information for the Air Navigation Race (ANR), held at Jämijärvi (EFJM) on 29.-30.6.2016, before the Nordic / Finnish Precision /Rally Flight Championship 2016.

The map/preparation form used in ANR is in scale 1:200'000. It will be provided by the organizer. The form is generated with the ANR scoring and visualization software (the same format was used in WAG Dubai 2015 and in several ANR events in Switzerland and Germany).

The task:
  • Fly trough a virtual channel depicted on the map (example see download section)
The challenge:
  • be exact on time at take-off, start gate, and final gate
  • stay inside your corridor

Info about Flying here

Information about Jämijärvi airfield (EFJM):
Jämijärvi on Google maps here

  • The airfield is uncontrolled (airspace G) 
  • Activities: gliders, paragliders, parachuting, RC modeling
  • Restriction areas located northwest of the airfield (R73A-C, R93) - check NOTAM. Activity for R73A, R73B, R93 during competition days


-VAC chart from
-ANR Example map
-ANR ruler (80kts)

Selection and entry fee

Entry fee for the ANR is 20€/crew.

Crews participating in ANR (per 21.6.2016): 5

Live tracking

For 'live'-tracking, participants with an android mobile device/iPad/iPhone are asked to install the Livetrack24+ application (see , create a login, and then register themselves for this event (using "Registration" in the upper left corner on this page).

Live tracking - how will it look like?

You can follow (real-time) on this page how the competitors will fly trough the corridors
An example from a previous event here. Select "Past Tasks-Replay 2D". Although the replay will not show the aircraft flying trough the corridors, this gives you an idea.

Competition schedule

NOTE: Refresh the page (press F5) to ensure latest data.

  • Thu 30.6. ANR briefing at 09:30 am in the briefing room ("old restaurant", downstairs, left of the sauna)

ANR flights will take place on Wed 29.6 and Thu 30.6, starting with a morning briefing (exact time will be published on this page).

The form of the event will be adapted based on the number of participants.
In a first Qualification round, each crew will fly two competition flights.
In a second round, the model could be
  • Best of Eight compete against each other, and rank 9-x compete separately, OR
  • Best of Four compete against each other, and rank 5-x compete separately


  • Time for flight preparation: 30 min; thereafter 15min until take-off (Start Flight prep to take-off = 45min)
  • length of the ANR routes in EFJM will be 16.00NM ( = 12:00min flight time @80kt)
  • This ANR training event will not include a landing competition