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Drakensburg Lesotho
21 - 30 Apr 2018
Paramotor Paramotor

Past Tasks

21/04/18 - 30/04/18
Task Distance: 808 km

Event info

The Lesotho 360 is an annual 1000 km Paramotoring event. As the name suggest the event entails the circumnavigation of the country Lesotho. For the 2018 event there is only an adventure class. In 2019 there will be a race class and it will without a doubt be the most thrilling Powered Paragliding event in South Africa!

The task is simple. Fly around the country of Lesotho with your paramotor without crossing a border during flight or otherwise.

The start and end of the event is in the picturesque town of Clarens. This exciting event is live tracking enabled, so all your friends, family and fans can follow the excitement in real time via the net!

This year’s event is on invitation only, since we are still figuring out if we are very brave or just plain insane! If you think you have what it takes to complete this event, first read the skill set……carefully…… and then phone the organisers for more detail.

We do have satellite SOS emergency devices, so there is a big brother that will come and fetch you if you decide to land where no man has landed before…

The Beauty and landscape is un-paralleled!

Info about Flying here

Suggested skill set:
• A Master at Zero wind take off’s… sort of a must!
• Extra fuel bladder. Minimum range for fuel is 150 km. In flight fuel transfer skill.
• Take off and flights in sub-zero temperatures. Appropriate clothing. Winter cloves. Kiting and take off with thick gloves is a skill!
• High altitude take-off… 6500 ft amsl.
• Navigation skills.
• Tight landing and take-off skills.
• Crossing over the Drakensburg mountains at 10000 ft amsl. TWICE…



Printable Waypoints Map

Selection and entry fee

2018 participation is on invitation only.

Entry requirement for 2019:
You must be in possession of a valid PPG Licence. If you are not from South Africa we can make special arrangements.

Contact Info

Contact info:
Club PPG Extreme
Arno Maass (Chair) |  Ollie Esplin (Safety Officer)
Phone: +27 82 493 8992 | +27 82 563 6242

Contact us now…. If we don’t answer we might be in the air, just send us a what’s app, SMS, or mail and we will contact you right back. If you register for 2019 during our 2018 adventure, you might be lucky and qualify for the early bird special for next year’s race!

It’s going to be EXTREME !!!

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