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20 - 25 Jul 2015
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Last Day

2015-07-25 09:55
Task is canceled today since it is raining heavily and pilots are off to alternative trips.

Price giving at 17:00 and party afterewards

Registration day

2015-07-19 11:35
Registration starts today at 17:00. 
Many pilots already here and enjoying some free-flying 

Event info

The Nordic Paragliding Open is a competition to find the Champion from the nations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The Nordic Hang & Paragliding Committee is responsibly for arranging the competition on behalf of its competitors and for 2015 has delegated that responsibility to Brett Janaway of xTc Paragliding.

The spirit of Nordic Open is: To fly safe, have fun and be beginner friendly!

For 2015 we have chosen a fantastic venue for a fun-filled week of flying. We've also organized parties to keep you "flying" well into the evening.

The entry fee for competing pilots in 2015 is 235 Euro. This includes the entry, transport and retrieves, site fees, talks, briefings, a midweek party and the last night party plus a Nordic Open T-shirt. 

For non-flying family and friends, there will be the opportunity to buy entrance tickets to meals and party’s etc.

NOTE: For payment made AFTER 31 May 2015 the entry fee will be 260 Euro.

Local Rules

Below is a summary of the more important rules relevant to registration. A full set can be  as a PDF.

All Pilots must hold the following:
- A minimum of IPPI4 (or equivalent national licence)
- FAI Card (Sporting License)
- GPS which records a 3D track log
- Medical insurance (including rescue and repatriation)
- Third party liability insurance (600,000€ minimum)

All the above will be checked at registration

- SMS text phone
- Recently repacked reserve parachute
- Helmet certified to EN966
- Harness with back protection
- Altimeter (to comply with air traffic restrictions)
- 2M Radio adapted for 143.850 Mhz FM
If you do not have them ALL, you will NOT be permitted to participate

Gliders must be certified to either CCC or EN.

There will be 2 classes; Competition comprising all certified wings (inc CCC), Sports for EN-C and below. In addition there will be trophies for Femaleclass.

It is highly recommended that all pilots fly with a harness certified to EN1651, LTF09, or LTF03 and back protector certified to LTF09 or LTF03

FAI Rules
It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of Section 7b of the FAI Sporting Code

Rules for the Nordic Open 2015
It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the Nordic Open rules. A complete set of rules are available here; 

The rules are subject to change any time prior to the competition start.

Area Info & Activities

Gemona Venue


The Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy is located in the Northen part of the country. It is a mountainous area located between the mighty Dolomites and the Julian Alps, but also boardering an area of flatlands, to the south.

We will be basing the competition at a town called Gemona. From here we can access the local launch on Mnt Cuarnan.

Gemona Launch: Offers a large, grassy launch and plenty of opportunity for clusters of pilots to stay airbourne. It copes well with east or west winds b, protecting the launch with a south valley wind. It is also sheltered from the North winds that sometimes blow in the region. Access is via a mostly tarmac track.

The competition shall allocate 5 launch spots. A link to details of the launch can be found at; Gemona (Primary competition launch)

Gemona Launch

Gemona Flying: The launch gives access to some great routes for flying. Head east and you can skirt long ridges for up to 100km straight out through Slovenia. Head west and you get the more exciting and remote terrain of the Dolomites. North you find yourself quickly into the Austrian Alps, hoping from mountain to mountain and south you access the flatlands, recently recatagorized to class G airspace. Gemona is a site with true otential in every direction.

Gemona Town: Gemona is a small town 300 meters above sea level in the province of Udine. Gemona is a small industrial town with most facilities you would likely need during the competition. You can find some accommodations, bars and other facilities all within a short walk of HQ. To the East, 2km, you will find the 'official' landing place for free flying.

The valley is already known for good paragliding conditions. With the sea being only 50 km away and with the valley protected by mountains in the north, (Julian Alps), the climate and the configuation of the terrain provides very favorable conditions for flying for beginners and experts alike. Take off will be on the Gemona launch.

Take off is big and ideal for competitions. We can start 140 pilots all together. Take off is equipped with wind sock and with info board. The landing area  will be located to the East of Gemona.


Competition schedule

(subject to modification at any time)

Sunday 19 July: Check in and Introduction at HQ

5pm – 10pm: Registration & GPS Turnpoint Upload

Monday 20 July Task 1
8:00am – 8.30am: Late Registration

8:30am: Introductory & Safety Briefing MANDATORY, all competitors
9am: Transport to launch
5pm - 7pm: GPS Download @HQ

Tuesday 21 July Task 2
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 7pm: GPS Download @HQ

Wednesday 22 July Task 3
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 7pm: GPS Download @HQ

7pm: Beer Garden party, food and wine


Thursday 23 July Task 4
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 7pm: GPS Download @HQ

Friday 24 July Task 5
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 7pm: GPS Download @HQ

Saturday 25 July Task 6
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
3pm - 5pm: GPS Download @HQ
7pm Drinks and Food

8pm Prizes & Trophies
9:00pm Party and merriment