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Radsberg / Klagenfurt
12 - 13 May 2018
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Cross Country

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Task 1, don't stay at home - 2018-05-12 18:52

Despite the weather forecast, which a lot of pilots lead to stay at home, we had a nice task. 59 pilots decided, that it is worth to come to Radsberg.
The day started with some low clouds. They dissapeared as predicted, but unfortunately the prediction was good today.
A task with 48km was set with a early take-off and a start of the race at 12:30. Cloud base was low at this time, around 1300m, and raised during the race to 1650m. The task was set like a flat triangle. The first little valley-crossing at Maria Rain did not cause big problems, but then some pilots decided to stay low, which was no goog idea. The top pilots took a new line (new for the locals), that worked really good, the turnpoint at Ludmannsdorf was fast taken. Going back to the turnpoint at Ferlach was a little dividing the field, some took the straight line, some took a thermal at Hollenburg, both were equal at the end. When going for the end of speed section the weather prediction came into the game and we hat rain an thunder at about 14:30 in the area of Petzen.
The organiser took the right decision an stopped the task at 14:28 (score back time of 5 min).
At this time a lot of pilots saw the rain coming and decided by themselfs that it is best to go landing, so everybody was grounded before the wind increased at ground level.
At the end we have two task winner - Bojan Gabersek and Thomas Brandlehner, followed by Tadej Krevh and Stephan Gruber with ONE point less.
If the task had been stopped some minutes earlier, Stephan would have been the winner, as he was flying in front most of the task. Due to stopped task and no long time in the air, the leading points where very low.
Anyway - nice comp and tomorrow we will fly again :)