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Cameli - Denizli
03 - 09 Sep 2023
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Cross Country

Event info

District Governorship of Cameli and Municipality of Cameli, in collaboration with Governorship of Denizli metropolitan city, will be hosting 2023 Russian Open Cameli , a non CAT2 event. The seven day event will run from 03 Sep to 09 Sep 2023, with no rest days. 03 Sep will be an official practice day. Cameli, which is known as Turkey’s extraordinary XC and competition site, has hosted Turkish Nationals in 2016 and 2019 and Pre World Cups in 2013, 2014, 2018 and 2022.


Info about Flying here

Cameli is a wooded highland district, 1400 m ASL, of Denizli Province at the western end of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey and near by Cibyratis road.

Cameli is located very close to Oludeniz – Fethiye (80 km) and Denizli, a metropolitan city.  It is a major XC flights intersection of South West Turkey. The possibilities to fly in all directions are enormous. Besides, its beauty and the magnificent landscape, Cameli has great variety of local traditional food, distinguished from the other territories of the Aegean Region.

The best flying conditions are in June, July, August and September with excellent thermal activities. Still at any other time of the year the place offers good flying conditions with good thermals. So both in spring and in autumn till the end of October, Cameli welcomes pilots to have pleasant XC flights.During the flying season the thermals are usually active until 5 p.m. in spring and 6 p.m. in summer. The best time to have a start window is 12:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Average of task distances was 75 km for 4 tasks in 2017 Cameli XC Open, 96 km for 6 tasks in 2018 Cameli Turkish Pre World Cup and 81 km for 6 tasks in 2019 Cameli Turkish Nationals, respectively.

Turkish XC Open Distance record of 346 km and Woman record of 239 km were broken at 19 July 2020.

Take off Yaylacik Mountain: 2130 ASL (36°58'49.12"N 29°18'50.78"E)
It takes about 20-25 minutes to drive to the take-off from Cameli.

Take-off to east or west start, all wind directions except strong south.
Flying directions to NE, E, SE.



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

HQ will be at Cameli Stone Lodge.
Cameli is located on a highway that connects Denizli city and Oludeniz Fethiye.

By Plane
Nearest international airports connects Cameli with several major European cities.
- Dalaman           → DLM, 115 km - 2 h 05 min 
- Denizli Cardak → DNZ, 130 km - 2 h 10 min
 Airlines: Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Corendon, etc..

International airport in Antalya is close and can also be used, as it is within a few hours drive from Cameli.
- Antalya             → AYT,   175 km - 2 h 45 min 
Airlines: Almost all scheduled airlines, charter flights.

Airport direct transfer
The organizer may offer direct transfer in budget but it requires booking in advance. Please contact the Organizer for minivans. Fees apply.

Numerous car rental companies are available in airports.


Çameli Stone Lodges, Headquarter
Providing all services during the comp. HQ, parties,
opening, event dinner and closing ceremony. 
Located at the east city entrance, 1 km to city center. 
Rooms for 2-3 person. Luxurious 11 stone villas, 
max capacity of 30 person. 5 villas are reserved. Fees apply.
For availability of villas : Contact organizer first
Reservation :

Student Hostel (Official accommodation and transport to take-off)
Newly built. Located at the west, 1 km to city center. 
Rooms for 2 - 3 person. Bunker beds. Showers and toilets are shared at floors.
Reservation: Contact organizer

Ata Hotel
At city center. 14 rooms, max capacity of 34 person. Fees apply.

Ecovillage Houses
6 houses at Elmali district, max capacity of 18 person. Fees apply.
Only bed. No breakfast. Kitchen is available in the house. 
Located 20 km to Çameli. You should have a car to come to/from Cameli.
Reservation :

Selection and entry fee

Total Number of Participants
The total number of participants is 60 pilots.
25 extra places are reserved.

Entry requirements for pilots
Participation is determined in the following order:
1. Pilots who have finished at least one open-distance comp in the first 20% in 2019/2020/2021/2022.
2. Pilots who have flown at least one 100+ km straight distance in 2019/2020/2021/2022.

Note: Pilots who have not been flying in any open-distance competition may not participate in this competition even if they have references from experienced pilots.

5 places are reserved for wildcards.

Entry Fee Payment details

Payment before 03 July 2023, Entry fee is EUR 200.
Payment after 03 July 2023, Entry fee is EUR 230.

Pilots qualified, who will be in ''Waiting Payment'' status, should pay by bank transfer after receiving bank details for payment via email. Missing funds such as transfer costs or bank fees will be collected in cash at HQ on registration.

Unfortunately, PayPal is not active in Turkey. PayPal is not an option.
Wise can be used to pay. In this case, send 215 Euro net for WISE transfer.
You should pay in USDT coin. In this case, please contact me first.

When paid, please send your receipts to RussianOpenCameli(at) for confirmation.

Documents Required at Registration:
SGM Sporting License for national Pilots (to be checked)
National Licence for international Pilots
Signed Application form
Signed Waiver/Release form
Identification documents needed
Liability Insurance
Rescue/Medical Insurance (covering Turkey is mandatory)

Equipment Requirements:
Glider Classification: EN, CCC
Certified Harness
GPS which records a 3D tracklog and cables
2m radio 
Your own flight gear capable live tracking Such as Flymaster Live and/or;
Smartphone installed WhatsApp 
Extra battery pack

Services Included in the Entry Fee
Transportation to takeoff
Lunch pack
Retrieve from main roads and junctions
Event dinner
Trophies and Closing ceremony
Maps and T-shirt

Refund Policy
50% refund if cancelled 60 days (03 July 2023) or more before the start of the competition. Transfer costs and/or intermediary bank fees will be cut from refund.
No Refund after this date. If competition is postponed or cancelled from the organizer due to force majeure in Turkiye, the registration fee minus 70 EUR will be refunded. Transfer costs and/or intermediary bank fees will be cut from refund.

Competition schedule

Sunday, Sep 03, 2023 is the registration day and the offical training day
Transport to the take-off will be free of charge.
09:30 - Departure to Take-off Deadline Time
11:30- Training Task. No Retrieve Service.
17:30 - 19:30 - Registration
20:00 - Safety Briefing (Mandatory) - Çameli Stone Lodge

Monday, Sep 04, - Friday, Sep 08, 2023
Contest flying days
09:30  - Departure to Take-off Deadline Time 
11:30 - Task and Meteorology Briefing
19:00  - Deadline of Gps Download

Friday, Sep 08, 2023
20:30  - Event Dinner

Saturday, Sep 09, 2023 – Final Competition Day
09:30  - Departure to Take-off Deadline Time 
11:00 - Task and Meteorology Briefing
18:00 - Deadline of Gps Download
18:30 - Provisional Results
20:30 - Prize giving & Closing Ceremony

Event schedule will be announced at the board of the Head Quarter.
Regulations and changes will be announced by the committee on time.

Prizes and competition categories

Overall Open Class
Overall Females
Overall Open Class Teams
Overall Sport Class

Pilots can race at team categories. Each team consists of 3 male and 1 female (3+1), 4 in total. Teams with less numbers of participants may be accepted by the Meet Director upon request. Each team must have at least 2 male and 1 female (2+1), i.e. 3 pilots in total.
Task scoring:
Only best 2+1 pilots scores will be accepted. Once the race begins, number of pilots and teams may not be altered.

Teams letting competitors along with team registration fee until the end of the latest official safety briefing. Teams have to  pay 30.00 Euros registration fee.


On behalf of Cameli Municipality;

Contact Info

+90 532 6264590

General Director
Artem Lozovoy

Meet Director
Tecelli AYDIN

Retrieve Director
Contact the organizer