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22 - 24 Apr 2022
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New Event Management System - 2022-04-13 18:26

The FAI has created a new event management system to run competition - registrations, pilots information, scoring and publishing results. We want to check this new system and need your help.
Please go to and login to your account. After that search for "Staufencup" and register to the competition. We ask to do so for all pilots, not only pilots, that are confirmed.
Why does that help us:
- It makes sure, that your registration info is the same as your CIVL-info.
- We can easily check, if you have a valid FAI-license (you can participate without valid FAI-license, but you will not be listed in WPRS)
- We can do testing on scoring systems (flymaster-live, airscore, flymaster-retrieve-system)
- Results can be published to FAI online

Thank you for your help.