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Burfell / South of Iceland
17 - 21 Jun 2015
Paraglider Paraglider


Day 3 - Task 1 has been set

2015-06-19 12:10
Good weather at Burfell.
Task has been set from Burfell BF01 to Hrauneyjar BF13 a 28km task.
Both Paragliders and Hanggliders will fly the same task.


Day two

2015-06-18 09:12
Today starts as the weather was yesterday (low clouds and drizzle).
BUT things are changing as I write this.
It looks like flyable in the afternoon and next days.
Sun is clearing the cloud cover and will start warming the ground and make thermals for us.
We plan to go for Burfell takeoff at 12.00.


First day - Wait until 12 to see if weather improves

2015-06-17 09:22
Decision to wait until 12.00 to see if weather improves (cloudbase gets off our shoulders). 

We use the time to finalize registration, upload waypoints and more. 
Waypoints are downloadable from this siteite..

Event info

Iceland Paragliding XC Nationals is a competition for all levels of competitors.
(FAI Category 2 Competition)
It is amazing to fly in exotic country having is 24 hour daylight. Most tasks to be flown from Mt. Burfell in south of Iceland. But depending on weather takeoffs might be different for different days.
Note: Iceland is GMT+0 all year round


No restricted airspace is in the competition area.

Info about Flying here

Mt Burfell is a well know launch ground in the South of Iceland. It is located about 120 km from Reykjavik and connected by highway. It is a 669-meter table volcano located in Iceland. It is situated in the south of the country along the western boundary of the Þjórsárdalur valley. It is a lonely standing round top mountain that dominates the valley about 400 m. Practically, you can go into the air anywhere where the mountain is circular. 

Take off - 660m ASL (64.080431 -19.802862)
A wide flat stony ground. Connection by asphalt road and then 4x4 vehicles to get to top of the mountain


HQ will be at Camping Site of Arnes ( )
There is a swimming pool and hot jacuzzi at HQ.

Camping is ISK1200/person/night
Electricity is ISK800/night

A local festival will take place 19-21 including free swimmingpool, live music at camping and swimming pool Friday and Saturday night.

Selection and entry fee

The competition is open to all pilots.

Entry fee €30 / 5.000 ISK
(33 € for PayPal payments).
Registration validation: The registration is only valid once the organization has received the registration fee.
Payment deadline is 16. June 2015
---Notify by email of all payments---

Payment methods: 
***PayPal (to email:
***International Bank Transfer:
Name: Agust Gudmundsson
IBAN: IS230513261001942606602769
***Iceland bank transfer:
513-26-100194 Knt: 260660-2769

Competition schedule

General schedule

General schedule for each competition day:
17-20 June Task days as defined in Morning Briefing

Task of Sunday of 21. June is reserve and only flown as part of the competition in case of no valid task has been flown in previous competition days. 

Daily schedule

General schedule for each competition day:
17-20 June Task days as defined in Morning Briefing
09.00 - Pilot Briefing at HQ
11.00 - Task briefing at takeoff
17.00 - Downloads and scoring at HQ
* Prize giving Saturday night (pending Sunday as reserve day )

Prizes and competition categories

Winners of Open Competition will receive Medals.

Cross Country Magazine – In the Core since 1988 
XC-Magazine proudly sponsors 6 additional prizes. 
Icelandic top pilot will be the Icelandic Champion of 2015


Organizer, MD, TaskSetter, Scorer and whatever

Contact Info

Name:  Agust Gudmundsson
Tel:      +354 8979882
email: Contact the organizer