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21 - 25 Jun 2017
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And the winners 2017 are - 2017-06-24 13:23

The Iceland PG Open 2017 is now over.
It was great fun for all :-)
Iceland PG Open winners are:
1. Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson
2. Herbert Porst
3.Eberhard Raichle
Congratulations to the winners, well done

Icelandic Championship winners are:
1. Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson
2. Tyr Goldsmith
3. Arnar Jonsson
Good work guys.

Iceland results

Prize giving at 12.00 - 2017-06-24 09:50

No flying today because of strong wind.
*Prize Giving at 12.00 at HQ* 

Task1 - Official results - 2017-06-23 11:15

Task 1 - Official results.
This was a great but a very difficult task in a very narrow window of conditions.
One pilot made goal (Hans) and other pilots were distributed along the taskline.
Congratulations Hans.

Friday 23. June cancelled due to weather *** BBQ + Beer Tonight **** - 2017-06-23 11:05

** BBQ + Beer ***
Tonight we have BBQ and beer on tap.
Be at HQ around 19.00 for BBQ at around 20.00.
Great fun last year and this year will be even better.

Thursday - next briefing at 12.00 (at Skogarfoss) - 2017-06-22 09:58

Thursday 22. june. 
Next briefing is at Skogarfoss / Skogar parking at 12.00
We aim for task either of Skogarfoss or at Vik.

Today Wednesday 21. june is Cancelled - 2017-06-21 10:46

Today Wednesday 21. june is cancelled.
Briefing at 9.00 tomorrow at Camper HQ.

Weatherman said when the cold front has passed (around 16.00) then wind will slow down and be more to the south-west.

It might be soarable after that time in some places.
German team is heading to Skogarfoss, there we set a small task last years competition, who knows if it

First pilot briefing tomorrow at 9.00 - 2017-06-20 15:22

The "HQ Camper" will be at Arnes late tonight Tuesday.

Registration and other stuff can be done when HQ is ready.
First Briefing will be at 9.00 at Arnes, and will be the same for every day of the competition.

Remember Weather-forecast is just forecast, not announcement of weather to be.
But Weather forecast is not very good for tomorrow, Wednesday.
Still as Weather can change quickly in Iceland, so we run as planned. Those will not arrive tonight or tomorrow morning, just follow the this FB-page or check after 9.00 tomorrow.

First to pay entry fees are in - 2017-04-30 09:56

It is First-Pay First-Serve.
The first 50 pilots to pay entry fee are in then competition.

Payment arrangements can be done with the organizer Agust /

Summer is actually coming in Iceland :-)
See you all in June.

Cross Country Magazine Sponsors prizes - 2017-04-04 16:47

Cross Country the best flying magazine in the world has confirmed sponsorship for prizes in the competition.
Good prizes as always.
Thank you XC Magazine

Payment time - 2017-03-31 06:17

Now it is payment time for those who want to secure their place in Iceland PG Open 2017.
Here are the needed info to make payment:

Entry fee

The entry fee is €65 / ISK 7.500
---Notify by email of all payments---

Payment methods: 
Pay to email:

***International Bank Transfer/SWIFT:
Name: Agust Gudmundsson
IBAN: IS230513261001942606602769
Name: Agust Gudmundsson
IBAN: IS070513387103822606602769 

***Iceland bank transfer:
513-26-100194 Knt: 260660-2769

Or make arrangements of payment with the organizer by mail.

Priority for Iceland pilots changed to *MARCH 15th* ! - 2017-02-22 09:29

The priority for Iceland pilots have been changed to March 15th (was April 15th)

This is to give more time for pilots on waiting-list to prepare, buy flight tickets and arrange transport and accommodation.

As of today there are 23 Icelandic pilots registered.
If that will be the final number then 7 pilots on the waiting-list will be added to the competition.
But sometimes pilots cannot attend even they plan to (applies to both Icelandic and visiting pilots), so the final number is not 100% clear.
Normally this means a few more places might become available :-)

Further places available April 15th for visiting pilots - 2017-01-06 05:05

Today (January 6th) we have reached the level of 20 visiting pilots (and 16 Icelandic pilots) total 36 competitors.
To preserve 30 places for Iceland pilots until April 15th all further registrations of visiting pilots will show as "Waiting list".
On April 15th remaining places not used by Icelanders will be allocated to the waiting list pilots in first come first served order.
Currently there are 16 Icelandic pilots registered, so at current registration level there is likely to be 10 additional places.
Also there might be cases of visiting pilots that cannot come, with even more additional places for waiting list pilots.
So PLEASE register even this level has been reached as more places will be available!