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Paraglider Track was ended normally FanF - FanF
was at Linhares - PT [~2.5 km]
on 17-08-2019 14:59:48 UTC+0 
Alt:822 m, Speed:0 km/h, Duration:02:14:05
Distance from takeoff 20.8 km, [Max] 21.6 km

Takeoff: Linhares - PT ~0.5km
at 17-08-2019 12:45:43 UTC+1
Distance from takeoff 21.6 km
[Max] 21.6 km [Max] 21.6 km


This is the LiveTrack24 group for local and visiting pilots flying in the Manteigas and Serra da Estrela region, run by Clube Vertical.

Please contact Clube Vertical if you need guiding and/or retrieval:

Check Estrela XC Challenge terms&conditions and register here:


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