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News \\ Mobile App for Android and iPhoneDecember 3 2013

Celebrating a great 2013 we are releasing our official app for Livetracking for Android, the iPhone version following shortly and an windows version is scheduled early in 2014.

Live Tracking

Robust and easy live tracking that can immediately detect and handle mobile signal loss and all kind of interruptions. We use an innovative triple buffer technology approach to keep the points, compress them and send them all once you are online again.

Live Radar

While flying you see who is around you and what they are doing, their vario, speed, altitude, wind info, real time distance and direction from you. Even while turning you see a real time arrow pointing to them.
Optimized and Tested to be actually usable in flight.

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Group Monitor

Track your friends in various modes; see them in a list with their positions and instrument reading details, see them in radar mode related to you or watch them on the map.

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