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Event preparation & registration features

In this small guide we present how to make the preperation & registrations for your event easier.

  • Translate event pages to your language.
  • Ask for custom information on the registration form.
  • Send Mass-email /SMS to all participants or to only selected ones

LiveTrack24 speaks the language of your participants!

You can translate the interface of registration forms and all pages related to the event to your language. The process is done online right on the web pages via an easy and fast interface. It would take 20 - 30 minutes to complete the translation. We currently have the greek and german translation ready.

Please contact us so we can give you access to the translation interface.

Custom information for your participants to fill on the registration form

You can add custom fields to your registration forms to ask your participants for extra information. Extra instructions can be added too, and you can make it mandatory to fill or not. You can even use the values entered by the participants in order to create custom FS scoring filters (applies to pg/hg events only). For example set a custom field for "Newcomer" and you will automatically have at your FS results an option to filter by "Newcomer" status. All custom fields will be conveniently transferred to the FSDB for off-line scoring.

You can manage the extra fields at "Content & News"->"Registration custom Fields"

Add bigger texts or general instructions about the registrations at
"Content & News"->"Registration help"

Mass-email /SMS to all or selected participants

Communicating with your registered athletes before or during the event was never easier!

How many times did you had to find the ones that have outstanding payments and send them a reminder ?

Or send a special message to pilots flying CCC certified gliders, or only to pilots from France ?

With the powerful filter function you can send an customized email / SMS in a minute.

Find the mass email /SMS under the
"Send Mass Email/SMS on the event admin pages