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05 - 11 Jul 2015
Paraglider Paraglider

Past Tasks




Lead Gaggle on their way to Tp 1

2015-07-11 14:05

Day 6

2015-07-11 07:59
Nice weather today for the last task. Buses will be on their way to takeoff in a while.

Task 4

2015-07-10 17:47
More than 80 pilots in goal today,

Results coming up soon


Event info

The GIN Wide Open is first and foremost a fun paragliding competition and flying event. Less about flying the latest hot-ships and more about achievable tasks. Less about winning and more about fun flying in a stress-free environment.

30,000+ Euros of prizes!!!

Yet again, the organisers of the GIN Wide Open are pleased to announce a continuing partnership with GIN Gliders, Navitar, Passion Paragliding, xTc paragliding, Cross Country Magazine, Livetrack24 and FlyArt.

Prizes for 2015 include a FREE GIN wing. FREE GIN harness. FREE GIN reserve. THREE FREE Navitar Oudie3 flight instruments, a subscription to SeeYou6 for EVERY competitor, TWO FREE paragliding holidays, electronic subscriptions to Cross Country Magazine and many more prizes all up for grabs.

It all starts on 4th July 2015!

Local Rules

Below is a summary of the more important rules relevant to registration. A full set can be <downloaded here> as a PDF.

All Pilots must hold the following:
- A minimum of IPPI4 (or equivalent national licence)
- FAI Card (Sporting License)
- GPS which records a 3D track log
- Medical insurance (including rescue and repatriation)
- Third party liability insurance (750,000€ minimum)

All the above will be checked at registration

- SMS text phone
- Recently repacked reserve parachute
- Helmet certified to EN966
- Harness with back protection
- Altimeter (to comply with air traffic restrictions)
- 2M Radio
If you do not have them ALL, you will NOT be permitted to participate

This is a SERIAL class competition. Open and Competition Class Gliders will not be permitted

There will be 3 classes; Serial comprising all EN-D, Sports for EN-C and Leisure for EN-A, EN-B. For all classes historical respective equivalents are accepted (eg DHV 2 = EN-C), but gliders certified before 1998 will not be allowed.

It is highly recommended that all pilots fly with a harness certified to EN1651, LTF09, or LTF03 and back protector certified to LTF09 or LTF03

FAI Rules
It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of Section 7b of the FAI Sporting Code

Rules for the GIN Wide Open 2015
It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the GIN Wide Open rules. A complete set of rules are available here; <download>

Competition schedule

Saturday 4 July: Check in and Introduction at HQ
3pm – 6pm: Registration & GPS Turnpoint Upload
6pm – 7pm: “Using your GPS effectively” – Toby Colombé

8pm - 9pm: “Competition Flying: How to not come last”  - Toby Colombé  

Sunday 5 July Practice Day

7.30am – 8.30am: Late Registration & GPS Turnpoint Upload
8:30am: “Mandatory Safety Briefing”  - Brett Janaway & Toby Colombé
9am: Transport to launch
4pm - 6pm: GPS Download and late uploads

6pm - 7pm: Task debrief with detailed tracklog analysis - Toby Colombé
7pm - 8pm: Talk to be announced

Monday 6 July Task 1
8:30am: Introductory & Safety Briefing
9am: Transport to launch
5pm - 6pm: GPS Download @HQ
7pm onwards

Tuesday 7 July Task 2
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 6pm: GPS Download @HQ
6pm - 7pm: Task debrief with detailed tracklog analysis - Toby Colombé
7pm - 8pm: Talk: XC Magazine

Wednesday 8 July Task 3
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 6pm: GPS Download @HQ

6pm - 7pm: Task debrief with detailed tracklog analysis - Toby Colombé
7pm - 8pm: “Wing Control: Staying safe in the rough stuff”- Toby Colombé


Thursday 9 July Task 4
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 6pm: GPS Download @HQ
6pm - 7pm: Task debrief with detailed tracklog analysis - Toby Colombé
7pm - 8pm: Talk to be announced

Friday 10 July Task 5
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
5pm - 6pm: GPS Download @HQ
6pm - 7pm: Task de-brief with detailed tracklog analysis
7:30pm - 9pm: Talk  - GIN Gliders

Saturday 11 July Task 6
9am: Daily Briefing
9:30am: Transport to launch
3pm - 5pm: GPS Download @HQ
7pm Drinks and Food

7pm Acro Display, "Against the Grain" (provisional)
8pm Prizes: Free holidays, Wings and much more
9:00pm Party and merriment


Prizes and competition categories

GinGlidersGin Gliders have donated some fantastic prizes including a brand new paraglider a brand new harness and a brand new reserve parachute. That's all in addition to a huge bag of goodies to give out throughout the event.

Gin Seok Song and his team of test pilots and engineers live for one thing: making the best possible paragliders and ensuring you have fun flying them.

Naviter Oudie3 Seeyou6Naviter have joined the GWO team from 2014 onwards. Their commitment to ensuring the best possible flying experience for us all includes three Oudie3 instruments as prizes and a Seeyou6 license for every competitor of the event. They will also have one of their team at the event to show us how to get the most from their software for planning our XCs or just analysing our prior flights.

Naviter are the manufacturers of the excellent Oudie3 flight instrument, launched in 2014. The Naviter team, based in the heart of the Julian Alps, have been creating tools for pilots for 14 years and the Oudie was just the latest in a long list of products.

XC MagazineCross Country magazine are the official media partners for the event. They will be sending along some of their team to follow the action and keep the world informed of just how much fun we are all having. In addition they have donated a subscription to every competitor for the electronic version of the magazine.

Cross Country have been bringing us the news, reviews and the best photos and stories from our sport since 1988.

Livetrack24Livetrack24 will be providing the tracking services for the event. This not only enhances the safety for every competitor, but also allows the world to watch what we do, as we do it. Livetrack have been providing tracking solutions for pilots since 2006 and continue to develop the concept keeping it at the forefront of the technology.

FlyArtIf you haven't heard of FlyArt then you should visit their website now. They offer a huge range model paragliders and there is almost certainly one that matches the colour scheme of yours. Visit their website now and see what you are missing! FlyArt will be providing models for the winners of the event.

xTc ParaglidingxTc are professional paraglider guides for paragliding and hang-glider trips. They run courses predominantly in Slovenia, but are also experts in regions of the Spanish Pyrenees (Ager) and northern Italy (Gemona, Meduno). Led by World Record holder Brett Janaway (also the Meet Director for the Gin Wide Open) you can expect quality guiding and coaching, whatever your ambitions in the sport!

Passion Paragliding

Passion Paragliding are specialists in XC Adventure holidays, post qualification training and Wing Control (SIV) Courses.  Their team is lead by FAI World Record Holder and current British Team Pilot Toby Colombé.  They offer trips to flying venues in countries such as SpainFranceTurkey and Morocco.