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Schöckl / St. Radegund
28 Apr - 01 May 2018
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Austrian championship 2018 - Schöckl Pokal, day 2 - 2018-05-03 08:23

Comments written by Lex Robe - copied an translated from by Manfred
The forecast for day 2 of the austrian championship displayed another increase of wind speed compared to day 1. Therefore the organiser PGC Steiermark chose to change takeoff to Gelderkogel in the north of Schöckl, where is normaly less wind. In the north of the Passailer Becken there should be an area less exposed to the wind as on the Schöckl directly in front.
The task-setter designed an task on the north ridge of the Passeiler Becken, whick should be flyable even with stronger wind.
The first wind-dummy was sent into the air arond midday, but could not find even one thermal and landed straight in front of takeoff. Additionaly there was a significant side-wind compononent.
This ment waiting again and a lot of pilots took the chance to have a drink and some local food from the farmer near by. The next breefing was done only with information from the ground, as no wind dummy could be found. The conditions did not look good - so the task was canceld with heavy heart.