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Edessa, Mount Voras
29 Jul - 04 Aug 2018
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Event info

2018 Greek Pre-World Cup - Edessa, Greek Championship, VORAS XC OPEN, FAI cat2

Edessa, Greece, Mount Voras

30/7/2018 to 4/8/2018

The Air Sports Association Pella 'Flypella' with the support of the Municipality of Edessa, organizes Pre World Cup and Greek Paragliding Championship, 6-day duration competition and invite all Paragliding clubs to join. 

The takeoff "Kerasies"  gives flight access to two very beautiful valleys with very good flight conditions 

The one is well-known for the good flight conditions of the competitions that took place in Krusevo, is the same valley of Pelagonia on the Greek side. 

The other side of the competition area is the valley of Almopia, is a really great place for competition flights, the Promachia a other contest is made every year exclusively on this side

Local Rules

Local Rules VORAS 2018.pdf
Race will be contucted according to the FAI rules

Athletes need to have:

- Valid pilot license and valid FAI sporting license ot IPPI card level 4/5 or national license parapro 4/5

- Medical insurance covering paragliding 

- Third party liability insurance covering paragliding

- Unmodified and certified helmet (EN 966), harness (EN 1651), and paraglider (EN 926/2), rescue parachute, VHF radio & mobile phone, 

- 2m Radio and live tracking device or smart mobile phone with internet conections.

- It is the Pilot's responsibility to ensure that their tracklogs are submitted to  Instruments/Trackers/Smartphones should be configured to transmit to

  In the event that there was an error in the transmission of the tracklog, it is the Pilot’s responsibility to download his/her tracklog in IGC format (with a valid G-Record) from their own flight instrument and upload it to the relevant task on

Pilots should ensure that they keep a copy of their tracklog in IGC format with a valid G-Record should the organisers request a copy for validation.  Preferably this should be kept on your flight instrument but a downloaded copy would be acceptable as long as it contains a valid G-Record.

Info about Flying here


XC record: 176 km
Open distance record 165 kh   

See flights from Kerasies Takeoff 



Printable Waypoints Map


The stay of athletes can be done with camping in landing aeria in space with natural shade which has changing rooms, showers and toilets.

The meeting point of the competition will be at Edessa airport, is official landing area, there is the Aitheron Hotel (this hotel is already full) tel: 00302381034384

Another one hotel Voras Resort Spa, is very near. tel: 00302381034160 & 00306944/676707

The offer of this hotels is:
30,00 euro per room for two peolpe
40,00 euro per room for three people
50,00 euro per room for four people

The same offer from Fotaxia Hotel in old village of Agios Athanasios this is very small hotel with only 4 rooms, tel: 0030697114715

The same offer from the Gioras Hotel in old village of Agios Athanasios
tel: 00302381039994 & 00306978829418

And one NEW offer with the same price from Rouga Chalet Suites & Spa in old village of Agios Athanasios Tel: 0030 6944288128 Contact name: Katerina Gougoysi

Selection and entry fee

Participation fee: € 190.00
 The participation fee will be 20% less, 152.00 euros for athletes who select and make payment until Monday 30/6/2018
PayPal account (easy international payment):
Send 155,00 euro to: (3 euro is paypal fee) Non-US
Included in competition fee
  • Welcome Party
  • T-shirts and souvenirs,
  • Daily snack,
  • Take-Off Transfers
  • Recovery  
  • Rescue Team & First Aid
  • Prizes


- 50 places are restricted for Greek pilots until Sunday 29/4/2018.

- 5 more places are restricted for guest stars.

They also hold 25 places for the first non-Greek pilots who will pay the entry fee before 15 March 2018.

After these dates, the selection will become by the best ranking in the FAI - CIVL World Ranking System (WPRS) 

FAI's regulations for cat2 competitions are held in total 32 places for non-Greek pilots until 15/7/2018.

Cancellation Policy:

75% refund if cancelled 2 months or more before the start of the competition (30 May 2018)
50% refund if cancelled one month or more before the start of the competition (30/6/2018)
No Refund after this date.


The event will have a limited number of visitors to be accepted and will depend on the number of athletes in the competition and when this number is completed the visitor list will be closed

Flight-visitor take-offs will stop 20 minutes before the window opens and will start again after the window closes or after consultation with the organizers.

Competition schedule

   29/7/2018 Unofficial Training Day

  • 12:00 - Transport to Take off
  • 12:30 - Task Briefing 
  • 13:00 - Window open 

 30/7/2018 Training Day

  • 12:00 - Transport to Take off
  • 13:00 - Traning Task Briefing
  • 13:30 - Window open 
  • 19:00 - 20:00 Registration
  • 20:00 Welcome Party 

 31/7/2018 - First Competition Day 

  • 8:00 - 9:00 Registration
  • 09:30   General Briefing 
  • 10.30   Transport to take off 
  • 11.30   Task Briefing
  • 12.30   Window Opens 
  • 18.30   End of Race
  • 19.00   Colect Tracks 

 1/8/2018 - Second Competition Day

  • 09:30   General Briefing 
  • 10.30   Transport to take off 
  • 11.30   Task Briefing
  • 12.30   Window Opens 
  • 18.30   End of Race
  • 19.00   Colect Tracks

2/8/2018 -  Competition Day 3

  • 09:30   General Briefing 
  • 10.30   Transport to take off 
  • 11.30   Task Briefing
  • 12.30   Window Opens 
  • 18.30   End of Race
  • 19.00  Colect Tracks

3/8/2018 -  Competition Day 4

  • 09:30   General Briefing 
  • 10.30   Transport to take off 
  • 11.30   Task Briefing
  • 12.30   Window Opens 
  • 18.30   End of Race
  • 19.00   Colect Tracks 

4/08/2018 -  Competition Day 5

  • 09:30   General Briefing 
  • 10.30   Transport to take off 
  • 11.30   Task Briefing
  • 12.30   Window Opens 
  • 17.00   End of Race
  • 17.30   Colect Tracks 

Prizes and competition categories

  • Overall Open Class
  • Overall Spor Class
  • Overall Female (if is more of five)
  • Greek Championship Open Class
  • Greek Championship Spor Class
  • Greek Championship Female (if is more of three)


Greek Air Sports Federation 
Supervised Commission Paragliding 
Air Sports Club Pella - Flypella
    • Meet Director: Anastasios Privartitsanis 
    • Deputy Director: Petros Miskos
    • Meteo Briefing: Eyaggelos Tsoukas
    • Scorer: Petros Miskos
    • Security: Efstratios Giamoukoglou 
    • Retrieve: Dimitris Giannousis  
    • Event Coordinator: Petros Miskos- VorasPg
    • PWCA Observer: Martin Jovanovski
    • GR NAC Observer: Ilias Kleidaras
 With the support of Municipality of Edessa