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04 - 06 Jun 2022
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country



Zusatzinfo / Additional info

2022-06-06 15:56

Ergebnis / Result - Team

Fotos / Photos


ZB2022 - findet statt / takes place

2022-06-03 07:11
ACHTUNG!! Abfahrt Bus um 9:00!!

Bitte alle Piloten am Samstag rechtzeitig zur Anmeldung (7:30-8:30) kommen, damit wir pünktlich um 9:00 mit dem Bus zum Startplatz fahren können! Lt. aktueller Wetterprognose kommt ein früher Start in Frage.
Wir haben auch heuer wieder eine WhatsApp Gruppe um Infos schneller an die Piloten zu bekommen.
Zillertal Battle 2022 Gruppe -> WhatsApp Gruppe

CAUTION!! Departure bus at 9:00!!

Please all pilots come to registration on Saturday (7:30-8:30) in good time so that we can take the bus to the launch site at 9:00 sharp! With the current weather forecast, an earlier start is possible and necessary.
We have a WhatsApp group again this year to get information to the pilots faster.
Zillertal Battle 2022 group -> WhatsApp group

Ersatztermin / alternative date

2022-04-08 09:19
Samstag 04.06.2022 -> Anmeldnung & Task
Sonntag 05.06.2022 -> Task & Siegerehrung
Montag 06.06.2022 -> Ersatztermin wenn nötig

Competition program:
Saturday 04.06.2022 -> Registration & Task
Sunday 05.06.2022 -> Task & award ceremony
Monday 06.06.2022 -> alternative day if necessary
FAI Sanktionen / sanctions
2022-03-16 15:15

Event info

Zillertal Battle 2022

..:: beat the legends ::..

Paragliding competition with
max. EN-B gliders

The Zillertal Battle is a PG format, where every thermal pilot can compete with the best pilots in the scene with identical material. The format will be very similar to other competitions, but it is only allowed to fly max. EN-B gliders.

The route to be completed is of course weather dependent, but the task will be designed, that most of the route can be seen from the landing area Bruggerstube. Also the task length will be designed that hobby pilots can handle it. The number of pilots is limited to max. 80 pilots.

The competition will be organized by the flying club Golden Eagles - Alpine Gliders Zillertal in the name of the Austrian Aero Club .

Local Rules

Competition rules:
The competition is conducted in accordance with the "Sporting-Code" and the Austrian Competition Rules.

Eligibility Requirements
Only pilots are allowed to participate with a valid pilot license (B-Licence or other international approved licence), third-party risk insurance, rescue insurance as well as sporting licence. The licences will be controlled! The glider must be accredited and you need to be insured against third-party risks. Only gliders of maximum category EN-B are allowed. Helmet, reserve parachute and protector are responsibility. The anti-doping regulations must be observed!

COVID Rules:
The COVID-19 rules that are in force at the time of the competition must be followed. According to the valid regulations for dealing with COVID-19, changes may be made at short notice.

The organizer and the landowner / operator of the launch and landing areas are not liable to the pilot or others. The competition, transfer, retrieval and social program are at your own risk.

Documentation and analysis:
Flight documentation only with GPS

Free objection no later than 30 minutes after the posting of provisional results lists.
Protests, only in writing form, not later than 30 minutes after release of the intermediate or final result to the event director. Protest fee € 36,-. Protest to the ONF € 73,- (fees according to competition rules)

Decision making:
The decision to run or postpone the competition will be announced on Friday before the competition weekend at 14:00 on our website, Facebook-Page and Facebook-Event, as well as under the phone number +43 (0) 664 5162114

Postponement of the competition:
Should it be necessary to cancel the days due to the weather, the competition will be postponed to the alternative date 04.-06. June 2022.

Info about Flying here

Launch Penkenjoch - Finkenberg:
SP Melchboden     SP Penken       LP Bruggerstube
Webcam Penkenjoch - Finkenberg:

ALL flying area infos ⇨ HIER ⇦



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

Landing area Bruggerstube
Hollenzen 111
6290 Mayrhofen
GPS: 47°10'54'' N, 11°52'14'' E
Lat Long: 47.181764, 11.870836


Room information:
Holiday Region Mayrhofen/Hippach
Dursterstraße 225
A-6290 Mayrhofen

We will try to organize again some camping possibility at the event area.
Alternative nearby:
Campingplatz Mayrhofen

Selection and entry fee


Number of participants:
max. 80 pilots
min. 25% international pilots

Starting places will be given at the discretion of the organizer. All pilots who get a starting place will get the status "In progress" and be contacted by the organizer regarding the payment of the starting fee. If a pilot has the status "In progress" and does not receive an e-mail, please contact the organizer! Selection will take place in stages.

Entry fee:
Entry fee € 65,- for everybody!
In case of cancellation of the Zillertal Battl or of the pilot one week before the event -> € 60, - refund.
If only one taks or cancellation within a week before the event -> no refund!

Each nominated pilot who receives a starting place will get an email with all details for the payment of the entry fee. The entry fee has to be paid within one week!

Team nomination:
Team entry fee: €20,- per team
Per team are min. 3 pilots, max. 4 pilots possible! The best 3 pilots will be scoured.
Team name and pilots need to be send to or announced at registration. Entry freecan be transferred or paid cash at registration! Only supporters are allowed to choose a team name that refers to the name of a glider or brand.

Waiting list / late registration:
If no payment is done within the deathline, other pilots will be contacted. If there are still places available, a late registration on Saturday 09th of April from 07:30 to 09:00 at the landing area Bruggerstube will be allowed.

Name: Golden Eagles Zillertal
IBAN: AT46 4239 0006 6000 6600
Purpose: Zillertal Battle 2022

The entry fee includes:
  • ONF competition fee
  • Maps
  • Transfer
  • Pick-up service
  • Evaluation


Competition schedule

Competition program:
2 proposed tasks depending on the weather: Race, Speedrun, Free Distance

Saturday 09th of April 2022:
07:30 – 09:00 Registration at the landing area Bruggerstube
09:00 Pilots meeting, selection of committees, weather report
09:30 Approach to launch area
11:00 Briefing, sign-in and glider check at launch area, afterwards 1st scoring task

Sunday 10th of April 2022:
09:00 Meeting at landing area, short briefing, weather report
09:30 Approach to launch area
11:00 Briefing, sign-in and glider check at launch area, afterwards 2nd scoring task
approx. 17:00 Award ceremony

Prizes and competition categories


1. Place €1.000
2. Place €750
3. Place €500
4. Place €250
5. Place €100
1. Place €200
2. Place €120
3. Place €80


Golden Eagles – Alpine Gliders Zillertal
Hollenzen 80
A-6290 Mayrhofen

in the name of the Austrian Aero Club