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Burfell / South of Iceland
15 - 19 Jun 2016
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Cross Country

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Food at Arnes - 2016-06-08 08:34

At Arnes there is a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinners.
The standard breakfast is simple one, but if many pilots go for breakfast they will make it a buffet for us.
The dinners at Arnes are traditional home cooking at 1800 ISK (€12):
14th Lasagne
15th Pasta with ham and beacon, salad and garlic bread
16th Beef stew with rice, salad and bread
The restaurant serves beer and wine.

There is also a typical gas station/grill shop at the camping.
Selling hamburgers/chicken/sandwitches and more.

They also are a minimarket with food to cook by yourself.

Camping is 1100ISK for the competition (discount from 1300ISK).
Electricity is 900ISK/day
I will have outlets in the HQ Camper for charging your stuff if wanted.

Good weather has been ordered by the weather office, not received order confirmation yet.