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Burfell / South of Iceland
15 - 19 Jun 2016
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country


Results of Iceland PG Open 2016

2016-06-21 09:55
The results have been published on the Iceland PG Open with lot of photos.

The winners of Iceland PG Open 2016
1. Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson
2. Eberhard Raichle
3. Rolf Mößmer

The results of Iceland PG Nationals 2016
1. Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson
2. Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
3. Thorri Gestsson

And then top 10 pilots of Iceland PG Open 2016
(exept missing Igor and Stojan as the Slovenian team left early)

BBQ and Beer was uses to celebrate this very great competition.
Thank you all for participating and make this a very fun and friendly competition.
See you all next year.

Scores at bottom

Overall winners:

Iceland PG Nationals winners:

Top 10 (less Slovenian team)



Where is Arnes the HQ

2016-06-13 16:59

Here are some directions to Arnes:


This link shows the route from Reykjavik City to Arnes in Google Maps,+%C3%9Ej%C3%B3rs%C3%A1rdalsvegur,+801/@64.0315123,-21.59472,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x48d674b9eedcedc3:0xec912ca230d26071!2m2!1d-21.8174393!2d64.1265206!1m5!1m1!1s0x48d6ea957faf3bd9:0xf04ac70009b0ee36!2m2!1d-20.2503412!2d64.041589?hl=en

The coordinates of Arnes in Degrees are 64.0415913,-20.2525299

Simple explenation is follow road #1 from Reykjavik and continue until after Selfoss where there is a left turn at road #30 and then right turn on road #32 and Arnes is just few KM on that road.

My Phone number is 897 9882 and the pilots can send SMS or call in case of problems.


Food at Arnes

2016-06-08 08:34
At Arnes there is a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinners.
The standard breakfast is simple one, but if many pilots go for breakfast they will make it a buffet for us.
The dinners at Arnes are traditional home cooking at 1800 ISK (€12):
14th Lasagne
15th Pasta with ham and beacon, salad and garlic bread
16th Beef stew with rice, salad and bread
The restaurant serves beer and wine.

There is also a typical gas station/grill shop at the camping.
Selling hamburgers/chicken/sandwitches and more.

They also are a minimarket with food to cook by yourself.

Camping is 1100ISK for the competition (discount from 1300ISK).
Electricity is 900ISK/day
I will have outlets in the HQ Camper for charging your stuff if wanted.

Good weather has been ordered by the weather office, not received order confirmation yet.

Entry fee deadline
2016-05-30 16:10

Event info

Iceland PG Open  is a competition for all levels of competitors.
The competition is  FAI Category 2 Competition.

It is amazing to fly in exotic country having is 24 hour daylight.
Most tasks to be flown from Mt. Burfell in south of Iceland. 
But depending on weather takeoffs might be different for different days.
Note: Iceland is GMT+0 all year round

Yes there will be event T-Shirts for competitors :-)
We plan to have BBQ Saturday night for all at HQ


In the competition area there are no airspace limitations.

Info about Flying here

Information for Visiting Pilots

Iceland can be an absolutely stunning place to fly! I'd recommend you stay two weeks or at least ten days... a week is cutting it a bit short if you get unlucky with weather. I'd also recommend around 21. June which is the longest day and the sun never sets. We do a midnight flight, and the Icelandic open (Cat 2 comp) is usually around this time. It's a fun competition for our pilots to get together and we are normally joined by several visiting pilots. Rent a 4x4, drive around and fly in remote places.

If you don't manage epic cross country flights you will most likely enjoy a stunning scenic flight. There are no special regulations for Paragliding in Iceland, you can fly and land anywhere... see a hill, wanna fly it, go fly it :-) Just respect our nature and the weather. Talk to the farmers if you need to cross their land close to their house. Look out for airspace. And the weather as it can change VERY quickly. Talk to locals, do all your weather checks and think safety first. :-)

Here are some helpful links:

Chat forum to organise flying (introduce yourself here and look for flying buddies):

Map of some known spots with weather links:

Known flying spots in KML format:

Weather forecast:

Weather observations:

Weather station on top of Hafrafell, Reykjavík:

Weather station on top of Háfell, Vík í Mýrdal:

Weather station on top of Esja:

Weather station at Esja bottom:

Web cams:


Flying period statistics:

Have a look here for tracklogs dating way back:

Paragliding Iceland on Facebook:

Iceland PG Open 2016

Have fun!



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

International competitors fly to Iceland (KEF intenational airport)
Around 20 airlines have scheduled flights to Iceland.
It might be helpful to find suitable flights using 

HQ is at Arnes
It has camping place, hostel, restaurant and swimmingpool.

Driving is the only option to get to Arnes :-)


HQ will be at Camping Site of Arnes (  )

The HQ is located about 100 km to the East of Reykjavik.

There is a swimming pool and hot jacuzzi at HQ.
Those who dont want to camp and prefer rooms look at

There are other options like:
Steinsholt ( ) which is on the way to takeoff.
Leirubakki ( ) on the east side of takeoff.
And Airbnb ( ) has number of options (search selfoss to get close to the HQ)

Cottage rentals:

And farmstays:

I know some visitors will actually just buy some cheap tents and stuff and treat it as single use (for the trip).

The shops have not started selling summer stuff, but this is feasible option if you agree in staying in a tent :-)

Area Info & Activities

Here is some info on the HQ area

Selection and entry fee

The competition is open to all pilots.
Entry fee €50 / 7,500 ISK
Registration validation: The registration is only valid once the organization has received the registration fee.
Payment deadline is 1. June 2016
---Notify by email of all payments---

Payment methods: 
Pay to email:

***International Bank Transfer/SWIFT:
Name: Agust Gudmundsson
IBAN: IS230513261001942606602769

***Iceland bank transfer:
513-26-100194 Knt: 260660-2769

Competition schedule

Registration will be at HQ evening 14th and early morning 15th before we take off.

General schedule for each competition day:
15-18 June Task days as defined in Morning Briefing

Sunday 19.June is reserve day and only flown as part of the competition in case of no valid task has been flown in previous competition days.

09.00 - Pilot Briefing at HQ
11.00 - Task briefing at takeoff
17.00 - Downloads and scoring at HQ

BBQ at HQ/camping Saturday night.
Prize giving Saturday night (pending Sunday as reserve day )

Prizes and competition categories

Winners of Open Competition will receive Medals for top 3 places.

Icelandic top pilot will be the Icelandic Champion of 2016.

XC magazine sponsors prizes for top 6 pilots of the competitions.


Main contact is the MD Agust Gudmundsson
phone: +354 897 9882

Contact Info

Main contact is the MD Agust Gudmundsson
phone: +354 897 9882
Contact the organizer