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18 - 21 Jul 2019
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country

Upcoming Tasks

19/07/19 Task1
Task Distance: 87 km
20/07/19 Task 2
Task Distance: 120 km
21/07/19 Task 3
Task Distance: 77 km

Event info

MOUZAKI ParaRace XC OPEN 2019 - FAI cat2
18,19,20,21 July 2019

The Air Club of West Thessaly , under delegation from E.L.A.O. organizes an FAI cat2 paragliding competition, Regional Competition 2019, lasting four days, 18 till 21 of July (with the trainning day) in Moyzaki, municipality of Mouzaki Karditsas and invite all clubs to take part in it.

Clubs wishing to participate with athletes in this race are invited to send completed the relevant form to the organizer (Aero Club of West Thessaly) and the E.L.A,O. and EAP no later than Friday, July 12, 2019.

Individual entries for the race can be done but this does not replace the obligation for clubs to send the aforementioned centralized athletes list.

Maximum number of participants: 80 pilots.

Local Rules

The races will be held under the current competition regulations as published on the website of the Paragliding Commission of the Hellenic Airsports Federation on the web.

Info about Flying here

Flights to the Koziaka Mountains, with a take off over Mouzaki, are well known in the Parachutis airway community and the area is a popular destination for athletic trainings and recreational flights mainly during the summer and autumn months.
Take a look of flights at this spot here



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

Found the route to Mouzaki click here  setting the starting point


Area Info & Activities

For local attractions, visit the official site of the Municipality of Mouzaki
For the Lake Plastira area Plastira Lake

Selection and entry fee

Competition schedule

Thursday 18/7/2019 Registrations and Unofficial 
training day
09:00 entries to information center
10:30 transport to take-off
12:00 task briefing
12:30 free fly or trainig task
18:00 end of trainig
19:00 registrations
Friday 19/7/2019 - 1st Competiotion day

08:00 registrations
09:00 general informations to pilots
10:00 transport to take-off
11:00 task briefing
12:00 window open
18:00 end of task
18:30 scoring office open

Suturday 20/7/2019 - 2nd Competiotion day

09:00 general informations to pilots
09:30 transport to take-off
10:30 task briefing
11:00 window open
18:30 end of task
19:00 scoring office open
20:00 dinner

Sunday 21/7/2019 - 3th Competition day

08:30 general information to pilots
09:30 trasport to take-off
11:00 briefing
11:30 window open
16:00 end of task
16:30 scoring office open
17:30 awards cerenomy

Prizes and competition categories

A total of twelve (12) cups will be awarded to the top three winners of each category :
  • classification EN A and EN B
  • classification EN C
  • general classfication 
  • women classification


Hellenic Aeronautical & Airsports Federation
Supervision : Hellenic Paragliding Commision
Implementation : Aeroclub of West Thessaly

Organizing team of event