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25 - 28 Jul 2019
Paraglider Paraglider
Cross Country



Ημερομηνίες αγώνα

2019-07-02 19:25
Ο αγώνας θα διεξαχθει στις επίσημες εναλλακτικές ημερομηνίες 25 έως 28 Ιουλίου 2019!.

MOUZAKI ParaRace -XC OPEN 2019!

2019-07-02 19:25
Σας καλωσορίζουμε στην ιστοσελίδα του πανελλήνιου αγώνα αποστάσεων MOUZAKI ParaRace XC OPEN 2019 που διοργανώνει η Αερολέσχη Δυτική Θεσσαλίας-ΑΔΥΘΕ στο Mουζάκι του Δήμου Καρδίτσας. Σας περιμένουμε για να πετάξουμε μαζί στο δημοφιλές όρος Κόζιακα, που αποτελεί τμήμα της νότιας Πίνδου, με την οποία συνδέεται στα δυτικά και καταλήγει ανατολικά στον γόνιμο Θεσσαλικό κάμπο συνδυάζοντας εξαιρετικές ανεμοπορικές συνθήκες για πτήσεις μεγάλων αποστάσεων! 

Welcome to MOUZAKI ParaRace XC OPEN 2019 official website! You are welcome to regist and participate to that fai cat2 event which takes place to a very famous and every level pilots paragliding site at the central Greece!  Come and fly with us above Mnt Koziakas the part at the south end of  mountain range of Pindos and the edges of the large Thessalian Plain!
Join as a competitor or a free flyer! Feel free to ask anything you want! Air Club of West Thessaly!

Event info

XC OPEN 2019 - FAI cat2

Mount Koziakas,
MOUZAKI KARDITSAS 18,19,20,21 July 2019

(alternative days 25 till 28 July)

Watch out
the competition will be done at
alternatives days
25 - 28 July

The Air Club of West Thessaly , under delegation from E.L.A.O. organizes an FAI cat2 paragliding competition, Regional Competition 2019, lasting four days, 18 till 21 of July (with the trainning day) in Moyzaki, municipality of Mouzaki Karditsas and invite all clubs and pilots to take part in it.

Maximum number of participants: 80 pilots.

Local Rules

The copmetition will be contucted according to the FAI rules.
The race will be held under the current competition regulations as published on the website of the Paragliding Commission of the Hellenic Airsports Federation ( rules ) and under the local rules.

Athletes need to have:
  • Valid FAI sporting license or IPPI card level 4/5 or national license parapro 4/5
  • Third party liability insurance covering paragliding
  • Unmodified and certified helmet (EN 966), harness (EN 1651), and paraglider (EN 926/2), rescue parachute.
  • 2m Radio and live tracking device or smart mobile phone with internet conections.
  • It is the Pilot's responsibility to ensure that their tracklogs are submitted to Instruments/Trackers/Smartphones should be configured to transmit to
  • All participants are required to enroll in the competition via the official website of the event at the address :

Info about Flying here

Flights at Koziakas Mountain, starting from the take off Porti over Mouzaki, are well known in the Paragliding community and the area is a popular destination for athlets  training and recreational flights mainly during the summer and autumn months. 
Take a look of flights at this spot here



Printable Waypoints Map

How to get here

Found the route to Mouzaki click here  setting the starting point



For the athletes' stay, there are indicatively the following hotels and rooms at Mouzaki

Indicatively rates and hotels :

Mouzaki Palace Hotel & Spa

τηλ. 2445043452  web

  • Single room  70€ Β/Β   -  80€ Η/Β
  • Double room   80€  Β/Β   -  95€  Η/Β
Apolis Club

τηλ. 2445042672 - 6945 497396   web

  •  Double room  40€
  •  Triple room   50€

τηλ.  2445041313    web

  • Single room    30€
  • Double room    35€
  • Triple room       40€

The consultation and closure of the rooms is at the sole responsibility of the athletes - visitors.
Alternatively, you can camp at football stadium - wc and bath are available.

Area Info & Activities

For local attractions, visit the official site of the Municipality of Mouzaki
For the Lake Plastira area Plastira Lake

we must "see" and save .......

Selection and entry fee

Participation fee: € 70,00 

 The participation fee will be 10,00 euro less, 60,00 euros for athletes who make a payment until 1/7/2019 to the following account:
IBAN: GR4008900100003010103316600

After the deposit please send us e-mail to

Included in competition fee
  • Dinner
  • T-shirts and souvenirs
  • Daily snack
  • Take-Off Transfers
  • Retrieve
  • Prizes

Cancellation Policy:
50% refund if cancelled before 17/6/2019 - No Refund after this date.


No free-flyers.

Competition schedule

Thursday 25/7/2019 Registrations and Unofficial 
training day
09:00 entries to information center
10:30 transport to take-off
12:00 task briefing
12:30 free fly or trainig task
18:00 end of trainig
19:00 registrations
Friday 26/7/2019 - 1st Competiotion day

08:00 registrations
09:00 general informations to pilots
10:00 transport to take-off
11:00 task briefing
12:00 window open
18:00 end of task
18:30 scoring office open

Suturday 27/7/2019 - 2nd Competiotion day

09:00 general informations to pilots
09:30 transport to take-off
10:30 task briefing
11:00 window open
18:30 end of task
19:00 scoring office open
20:00 dinner

Sunday 28/7/2019 - 3th Competition day

08:30 general information to pilots
09:30 trasport to take-off
11:00 briefing
11:30 window open
16:00 end of task
16:30 scoring office open
17:30 awards cerenomy

Prizes and competition categories

A total of twelve (12) cups will be awarded to the top three winners of each category :
  • classification EN A - EN B
  • classification EN C
  • general classfication 
  • women classification


Hellenic Aeronautical & Airsports Federation
Supervision : Hellenic Paragliding Commision
Implementation : Aeroclub of West Thessaly

Organizing team of event

Sponsors of the event:

Kontozisis Wines
Sea World
Papanikolaou Bros
green cola
Οικογένεια Γαϊτανίδη
365 Coffee&more