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02 - 05 Sep 2017
Flex wing FAI1 Flex wing FAI1

Event info

This is the aerotow contest in the Netherlands, which is part of the Dutch Nationals. Dutch participants will have prioritity in selection for this aerotowing event at the beautiful aeroclub Salland. Foreign pilots can also register, but please contact the organisation after registering for further details.

Local Rules

The scoring rules will be as follows:
Minimum Distance: 10 km
Nominal Launch: 96%
Nominal Distance: 45 km
Nominal Goal: 20%
Nominal Time: 1.25 hours


Everybody flying at the aeroclub Salland should familiarize his/herself with the airspace around the airfield and on the task route. Usually the task committee will highlight the areas were to take extra care.

Info about Flying here


On the premises of the Aero club there is a camping that can be used. The prices can be found here.

Selection and entry fee

The entry fee will be €110,-

Furter details for payment will follow soon.


For safety guests unfamiliar with the field should inquire at the restaurant how the proceed to the hang gliding starting area. Unless you have explicit permission, you are not allowed to drive with your car on to the field.

Voor de veiligheid, gasten die niet eerder het veld hebben bezocht, dienen zich te melden bij het restaurant voor uitleg hoe bij de startende deltavliegers te komen. Uitsluitend na expliciete toestemming is het toegestaan met de auto het veld op te rijden.

Competition schedule

General schedule

6 june:
09:00 - 10:00 welcome
10:30 first briefing in the restaurant
11:30 preparing at take-off-area
12:30 take-off

7, 8, 9 june:
10:00 scoring-results yesterday
10:15: briefing
11:30 preparing at take-off-area
12:30 take-off

10 june:
10:00 scoring-results yesterday
10:15: briefing
11:30 preparing at take-off-area
12:30 take-off
18:00 price-giving at the restaurant

Daily schedule

10:00 - Briefing at Restaurant
11:30 - Briefing at take-off-area
12:30 - Take off window opens
15:00 - 18:00 Scoring on the airfield
20:00 - 24:00 tracks sending to scorer
Next morning:
additional scoring at 09.00 at the restaurant
09:30 - Provisional Results

Prizes and competition categories

The prizes that can be won are:

Dutch aerotow sportclass
Dutch aerotow class 1
Dutch aerotow new talent
Dutch aerotow rigids (class 5)


Organiser: Annet Vieregge

Sportcommissie (wedstrijden):
Leden: Annet Vieregge, Arne Tänzer, Harm Darwinkel, Martin van Helden, Sander van Schaik