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News \\ LiveTrack24 ConnectMarch 12 2014

Livetracking takes the next step and becomes social.

Our new "LiveTrack24 Connect"  lets you stay connected with friends and like-minded people.

The social features now introduced are:

  • personalized pages enabling activity walls with live comments and photo-upload
  • invitations to friends
  • likes and comments to tracks, photos and videos.
  • automatic news feed to your wall.
  • live notifications to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Groups: perfect for keeping club members together or just a bunch of friends.

But there are more:

  • Redesigned interface, more clean and easier to use, see only the info that matters fast.
  • Now you can import your tracklogs into Livetrack24 in order to have a complete logbook.
  • Privacy Levels: Your tracks can be public, private to you, or seen only by your friends
  • New display of LiveTracks with real time replay. You can replay the track even as it is still live, to see what the pilot has been up to, not only his latest position. A nice altitude/vario/speed graph makes it very easy to follow the progress.

Share your passion with friends and make new ones to expand your boundaries, activities and flight opportunities. Enjoy posting messages on tracks and sharing photos of your activities.  Replay your track and analyze it with advanced tools. Your primary automatic track logger stores all your tracks and submits them to XC online leagues of your choice.

Latest News

Find your old tracks Sept 2 2016

Find your old tracks

New view for Smarthphones Sept 2 2016

Browse live tracks easily from your phone.

InReach Delorme Supported May 26 2016

Connect your InReach Delorme Satellite Tracker

New 3D views Feb 16 2016

LiveTrack24 moves to Cesium for all 3D views

Connect your Satellite or FLARM Tracker Nov 26 2015

Support for SPOT / D-S-X / Yellowbrick / FLARM / OGN

3D Replays of Tasks Nov 13 2015

Replays of all tasks are now available with the new Cesium Visualization

New managment and registration platform for Competitions May 7 2015

Our new plaform provides a registration system, blog and results publishing for competitions

14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Roldanillo, Colombia Dec 19 2014

14th FAI World Paragliding Championships, Roldanillo, Colombia
10-25 January 2015

ASI – LiveTrack24 March 17 2014

ASI and LiveTrack24 are intergrated! Now through our mutual cooperation users of Flynet can send their tracks to LiveTrack24.

LiveTrack24 Connect March 12 2014

Livetracking takes the next step and becomes social.